Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simple for a Beginner...

This card is lovely, but really not that hard for a beginner to do. When I choose stencils for a beginner's Embossing Paste Class... I often choose ones that have small stencil openings. This berry branch design (LJ900) is ideal for a beginner. Design Team member Kim Parkinson paste embossed the design with Dreamweaver Metallic Gold paste and once it was dry, she paste embossed the "Season's Greetings" stencil (LS91) using either the metallic silver or the pearlescent paste (they both appear to be silver on dark cardstock, because the pearlescent is semi-transparent and picks up the dark from the cardstock). Instead of putting the thick chunks of glitter on the wet paste right away, she waited for it to completely dry, (this happens pretty quickly...another good reason for choosing a delicate dry time!) and then she squirted small daubs of glue on the berries for the chunky glitter to attach to.


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