Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Santa Ana's are Blowing

It is finally Fall here is Southern Calif. How do I know? The weather has cooled down to a dull roar and the Santa Ana winds are blowing. These beautiful clear warm days of Autumn remind me that this is the reason we stay in this highly populated area.

Marj Marion has again used her technique of using micro beads on the embossing paste. This card's background was created by brushing a warm colored ink on white card stock and then stamping the word "Windy" (Fun Stamps #A2821) randomly using the same color of ink. The Fall leaves (LG728) were then paste embossed onto acetate using Metallic Copper embossing paste. While the stencil was still in place she sprinkled it with the microbeads. The colors she used were highly contrasting--a gold and a dark brown or black, making a point of leaving some of the metallic copper paste exposed. She then dry embossed the Autumn stencil (LM295) on pumpkin colored cardstock that she had stamped with a small leaf stamp. (Marj ...if you're listening and know the maker of that little leaf stamp, just let us know in the comments.) To finish off the sentiment she stenciled the word with a dark brown ink, a lovely accent color.

The end results of her card creation was to make an easel card. This happens to be a card she sent me in the mail and it is so nice to enjoy it by propping it into position and leaving it on my desk. I love getting pretty cards in the mail. Don't forget to actually send your creations to friends and other loved ones. There is nothing like going to the mail box and seeing that hand addressed envelope greeting you.


Kristi said...

very pretty on and all! gotta love Dreameaver!

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