Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Winners for the Go Green Challenge!

This past month we have had several people join our challenge and we wish to thank all of you! The two categories that we have put forth at the beginning of the year are #1: Best interpretation of the Challenge and #2 Best Usage of Dreamweaver Products. And it was a difficult choice because everyone was so creative!

winner of #1 was Anne Temple...with her Go Braugh AND Green party favor
winner of #2 was Sue Petersen for best usage with Dreamweaver products. 
So please email me:( your snail mail addresses and I will send you the two stencil prizes.

Hope everyone will play along this next month too...see tomorrow's posting for the March Challenge!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Go Green or Go Bragh!

I have had a lot of fun with the green challenge this month. As you read this Pam Hornschu and I are traveling in England. We get to spend some time with Dorothy Adam who is in charge of Woodware Craft Collection's blog in the UK. If you have time see what Dorothy has created recently using the heart whimsy stencil (LL599) by clicking HERE.We won't have time to get over to Ireland, but Dorothy is from Scotland and we will be traveling to Yorkshire and doing a demonstration at a store in Preston. I am hoping things over there will be more green than gray at this time of wish us luck.

So in honor of our Scot friend Dorothy I have posted a plaid card today. I used a Kelly green colored aluminum and put it through my embossing machine with the "stripe" stencil (LX7002). Once through I removed the stencil and used a manicure sanding block to sand off the top layer of bright green color on the stripes. Then I turned the metal piece one turn or a ninety-five degree turn and with the "stripe" stencil still running through the machine vertically I ran the metal through the machine a second time and violá instant "plaid". (I did sand these stripes as well, for the light and dark effect of a plaid.) The mushroom stencil (LL3025) was paste-embossed onto acetate using Dreamweaver Glossy White Embossing Paste (DGWP). The acetate that I used is considered  transparency film. I purchased this at a local office supply store...ask for the type that can be photo copied, that way if you are heating it in any way it will hold up well. I often place my paste-embossed pieces onto a pancake griddle (lowest setting) and they dry in less than half the amount of time. Once the paste is dry I reposition the clean stencil onto the design and colorize it with the new Color Solution Alcohol Ink. I dripped several drops of Aspen Leaf Yellow onto a felt applicator along with a few drops of Color Solution thinner and dabbed the color onto the caps of the mushrooms. I then used a cotton swab with a couple of drops of Creme Brulée onto the stems and underside of the caps and on the other end of the cotton swab I used Pine Bough green on the grass. The spots on top of the caps were done with Paprika Red and another clean cotton swab. To do a shaded effect on the stems I removed some of the Creme Brulée color with a couple of drops of the Color Solution thinner on a clean swab. Then I cut the acetate quite close to the design and mounted it onto the metal plaid piece done earlier.

Here is another mushroom card...not quite so green. This card was paste-embossed the same way as the one above, but the back of the acetate was then "sponged" with a felt applicator using the Color Solution alcohol inks. The sky was done with Iceberg and then a few drops of citron was added to that color behind the mushrooms and lastly Creme Brulée was added to the area underneath the mushrooms for the "earthy" effect. I stenciled the caps a bit differently than the one above. I used Paprika Red first and then I put a couple of drops of the Color Solution thinner on a cotton swab and rubbed out some of the Paprika Red color. To finish the card the acetate was placed on a periwinkle blue cardstock and the black frame was mounted on top of the acetate.

If you have time join us this month for our Go Green or Go Braugh challenge in honor of the upcoming month of March! Just link to Mr. Linky below or email me a picture of your card and I will post it for you when I return from the UK. You could win two stencils LL490 or LL542. Also take time today to see what the rest of the team is posting just follow the list below:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday's Dream Schemes/This month's challenge is green

This month we are challenging our readers to Go Green or Go Braugh in celebration of the upcoming month of March. Today I have taken a very organic spin on this challenge. The first card uses two different versions of the monstera leaf stencil. LG 641 is an open cut stencil that is just a cut out of the leaf's shape and LG 706 is the shape of the stencil with the swiss cheeselike holes to give the design that authentic monstera shape. Why do they call this leaf Monstera?...well, like it's name it is huge and the vase stencil (LG707) here is dwarfed by the leaves on the card, but I love to do the faux cloisonné technique and that was done on the vase to give it that ceramic look. If you are interested in knowing more about that technique email me at and I would be happy to email you the faux cloisonné instructions. 

The second card I am showing you today is a technique called "strié" and couldn't be simpler to do. Here the leaf stencil (LG642) at the bottom of the card was stenciled three times, one on top of the other, the last one a bit darker than the first two. Then the leaves at the top draping down was dry embossed with a stylus. The stencil was then removed and using a large brush I pulled pigment ink across the embossed design. The small thank you (LG691) was done the same way. This is one of my favorite techniques and if you enjoy dry embossing it is a very effective yet simple way to colorize your creation.

Join us this month and play along as we continue to stencil green things onto green paper or metal etc. Just add your link to mr. linky below and don't forget to see what the team is up to this week by following the listed links below:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sue Petersen sent me this beauty for the Go Green Challenge

Thank you Sue, for sending this beautiful creation via my email! 

She paste-embossed the dot stencil (LJ804) onto black cardstock using the Glossy Green Embossing Paste (DGGP) and also used the same paste on white cardstock with the damask stencil (LJ907). I love the green crystals and the white roses that were used as embellishments.

Thanks for being the first to do the challenge this week and hope you'll join us again. 

If anyone else is interested in doing the same just email me a photo of your card to: and when I get home from the UK on the 27th of Feb. I will post it on the site to enter you in our monthly challenge.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Go Green or Go Bragh!

Today I am writing about a couple of the new quilt designs that came out at the end of last year. We really introduced them first in Hawaii, because our customers over there really embrace the beauty of Hawaiian quilting. These designs could have a bit of a Hawaiian flare, but anyone who enjoys flowers or gardening can also appreciate their organic presence. This first design, the fern stencil (LX7007) was stenciled with warmer green pigment ink and then the stencil was shifted forty-five degrees and stenciled with a cooler aqua colored pigment ink. Both colors were stenciled with a very light touch so they look almost transparent one on top of the other, this gives a full feeling to this fern card. The hula dancer was paste-embossed on lime green cardstock using matte black embossing paste (DMBP) and once dry was mounted in the lower corner.

This second quilt design, the bird of paradise (LX7006) was also stenciled with bright colored pigment inks. The Hawaiian thank you word stencil (LM133), Mahalo, was stenciled with a gray pigment ink and then the stencil was shifted just slightly and then paste-embbossed with matte black embossing paste (DMBP). These 6 x 6 inch stencils can be crafted as greeting cards as you see here or they can be used on fabric for actual quilt designs.

Hope you'll join us this month in our challenge of Going Green or Go Bragh! In honor of the upcoming month of March. You could have the enjoyment of winning these two stencils: LL490 the cherry blossom circle or LL542 tall lilies, if you happen to email me a picture of your project I won't be able to post it until the very end of this month's challenge since I will be traveling in the UK until the 27th. But when I get back we will post it for you:
Sign up with mr. linky below and also follow the list of the design team to see how they are interpreting go green or go St. Pat's Day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday's Dream Schemes/ Announcing our winners!!! we have now entered into the month of February, and due to our riotous schedule this past week and the Dream Team's trip to our annual winter trade show...I've decided to post a couple more Valentines this week. We only had a handful of players this you may have counted, so we have decided that everyone is a winner.  Our fearless leader, Pam Hornschu, has found herself at the mercy of internet problems when she arrived home, and so I am the announcer of the news that ....HEY!!! EVERYBODY who joined our challenge by posting a Valentine card this month wins (I think there were four or five of you). So thank you...thank you...thank you, for playing along with the team for our Valentine's Day challenge and if you did so please email your snail mail addresses to my email: and I will send you the following stencils for your winning creations: 

Also I want to share with you another winning card...this one has been done by Sue Peterson and was waiting for me in my email when I got home tonight from CHA. Remember I told you if you don't have a blog that you can send me a photo of your card and I will post it for you. She has taken me at my word and emailed me her image to join our Valentine's Day challenge. THANK YOU Sue!...a lovely card by the way, done with the heart and rose stencil (LL425) using the double glitter technique and she even paste-embossed the dot stencil (LJ804) using glossy black paste (DGKP) on a red cardstock to create the beautiful background.

The Valentine you see here was done by my husband Wayne. He is a wonderful artist and as you may have heard he has been doing some Zentangle work lately. To begin this work he traced our large heart stencil (LJ834) onto a bubble paper I created as a background. Then he drew the patterns inside the heart with a Sakura micron Pigma pen (01). He finished the design by drawing a small scalloped design on the very outside of the stencils edge for the effect of eyelet lace.

Be sure to visit the blogs of the Dream Team (their links are listed below) ...many of them were at CHA and yet will be posting for our new challenge for the month of February. Which is Go Green or Go Bragh in honor of the upcoming month of March, so you can translate that literally or figuratively! Post to Mr. Linky throughout this monthly challenge: