Thursday, June 4, 2015

Zensdays...a bit tardy this week

So this week has been wilder than last week and I am finally getting around to doing my post for the Diva's challenge

Our daughter is visiting and she did this gradation or wash with watercolors for me to tangle.

This week the challenge is UMT (which stands for 'use my tangle') and Laura randomly chose Alice Hendon's tangle called, All Boxed Up. And on Alice's site she had done a wash of color with a very simple showing of her tangle. I loved it...well, you know how I am about color....soooo I really wanted to give it a go. But I didn't have time to play as much as I wanted, so Liz (daughter) did this pretty coloration on a watercolor paper that comes in a spiral pad by Strathmore and had just been taking up room in my stash. Then I attempted without much practice this new tangle. Not so bad if you don't look too closely. AND Liz and I had a great time collaborating, so you can't go wrong with that experience.

So now I am off to see what everyone else has been up to...looking forward to seeing some beautiful work.

I may not have time to visit everyone and leave comments this week, because of my company and commitments. But hopefully soon. By the computer has locked me out of commenting on Flickr and Pinterest. It keeps telling me I need to update, so eventually I'll be back on track, but maybe not until later this summer.

Here is my creation....with no shading, but I don't feel that every tangle I do needs that finished shaded look. I have a great idea for making it into a card, so although it's not totally finished yet it will eventually end up in someone's mailbox as a card.

Click HERE to see Wayne's creation for this week's Diva challenge.