Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breakfast at Dreamweavers!

Hi, it's Pam, giving Lynell a blog break again. This has been a catch-up week still for her. Since this week is a free choice week, she did, however, suggest that I blog this wonderful card from her good friend, Elaine Benedict. When I saw this card, I immediately thought of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with Audrey Hepburn. The quintessential image of elegance.

See what I mean? Not only is Elaine's card simply elegant, it is also simple in process. The bottom panel was the Damask stencil paste-embossed with Glossy Black Paste. The top pink panel features the beautifully elegant Thank You sentiment with the same paste. The black satin ribbon runs across like the empire waistline of an iconic dress being worn by Audrey herself, with the bling of the pearl pin added. I love this card that Elaine created...perfect for so many occasions...weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and yes, a beautifully simple thank you. Now is your opportunity to visit the rest of our talented team of Dream Schemers as listed at right. Create your own inspirational piece and link to our Mr. Linky below.

Dreamweaver Stencils:
Damask Stencil (LJ907)
Thank You (LG691)
Glossy Black Paste (DGKP)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hoppy Spring! Sketch Challenge #4

 The Queen of Stenciling, Lynell, is away this week, so this is Pam Hornschu here to inspire you with a springy card this week. Our sketch challenge this week was created by our own Louise Healy and can be seen at left. For today's post, the card I made tips the sketch on it's side so that the flap opens from bottom to top. Four stencils were used for this, but don't let that intimidate you. The Egg (LG670) shape is one stencil, where the white cardstock was run through my Big Shot in order to emboss the egg shape. The stencil was placed over the raised surface, and I air-brushed the background. I then paste-embossed in white the Long Daffodils (LL428) stencil and set that aside to dry. The aqua cardstock was run through the Big Shot with the Stripes (LX7002) stencil to add texture. I added the little paste-embossed Small Bunny (LS1007) in the corner. Once all of the pasted portions were dry, I added a touch of pink to the ears, nose, and toes of the bunny with a Copic marker. The daffodils and stems were alternately masked off so that I could air-brush the color and shading on them as well. The Hoppy Easter (LM291) on the inside of the
card was also air-brushed. A cute print paper was added to the flap along with some fuzzy pompom trim. The egg was trimmed with a scalloped edge. All very bright and springy! Now is your opportunity to visit the blogs of our super talented team. If Lynell is the Queen of Stenciling, our ladies are the Princesses of Paste! Hee hee. Anyway, check them out for more inspiration, play along, and post your link to our Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post. We love to see where your creativity takes you as well!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Free Challenge this Week!

Happy St. Patrick's Day...let's CELEBRATE! This beautiful " green" card comes to us from design team member, Laura Drahozal. Laura just got back from visiting the UK so we hope you will have time to visit her blog (follow the sidebar at the right to find your way). Be sure to go back a week on her blog to see some of her photos of the London area and some of her "card" work while she was there demonstrating at a very large crafting trade show in Birmingham. She even has a couple of her Dreamweaver cards pictured on her blog last week that are being shown on a QVC show in England. Today, on her blog, you will see a variation on this Celebrate card...leave a comment if you get the chance, we love to be encouraged.

This card began with Laura creating a background with the new plaid making stencil (LX7002). This new size of stencil is square and has a series of large and small stripes. It is great for several different backgrounds, you can use it to just stencil a background like Laura did. She used an applicator in her picture here or you can also use it with embossing paste. When the new DVDs are ready there will be a segment on using this stencil in a couple of different ways. That DVD is almost ready to go to press...(is that what they call it when they make a DVD???), or I guess I should say it is almost ready to go to the "Duplicators". We'll keep you posted on both of the DVD's progress. The paper that Laura started with was already green and had a narrow diagonal stripe in a darker green that she aligned her striped stencil against. She used distress inks to stencil in greens, then turned her stencil at a 90 degree angle and stenciled in blue.

The four leaf clover stencil (LS58) and the vertical celebrate stencil (LM283) were embossed on aluminum metal by running them through an embossing machine and then they were colored with a green Adirondack alcohol ink. Then to make the metal shine through she sands the embossed clovers and the celebrate sentiment with a sanding block.

The small four leaf clover that is hanging on the ribbon was shrink plastic. Laura is a master with using the stencils on shrink plastic to create these "lucky charms". She sands the shrink plastic first so the ink will adhere to the plastic and uses a 1/4" hole punch at the apex of the leaves, so that when it shrinks she will have somewhere on the charm to attach the ribbon to...don't forget since it will be shrinking you will want this hole to be fairly large. This little charm was then colored with green ink. "What type of ink?" ask. I believe she used the same alcohol inks that she used on the metal, but I have discovered that if you "do" sand the shrink plastic in advance then several different types of ink will work...Brilliance inks, Chalk inks, and permanent inks like Staz-on.

If you have questions about how Laura's card was made, please ask her in my comments section and she will pop by to answer when she gets the chance. Don't forget to visit the other members creations this week too.

Hope you take time this week to join our doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day themed... it doesn't have to be on doesn't even have to be a stencil, just make it something you want to share with us. It is a free challenge week, so play along if you get the chance and we'll come visit your blog to see what you have been up to, so just sign in on Mr. Linky below.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Study in Blue, Brown and Cream

It's a colorway challenge this week. YAY!!! I love it when we do color challenges. This week, dream team member Kim Parkinson, chose the colors blue, brown and cream. I love these colors...I used them in my "California Country" living room in the early 80s. myself here. I digress though, so here is how I rendered my card:

I found a piece of medium brown metallic cardstock and paste embossed the jungle leaves background stencil (LJ825) onto it using glossy black embossing paste (DGKP). Immediately after removing the stencil, I sprinkled the wet paste with a medium brown color of Fun Flock sold by Stampendous. About 30 minutes into the drying time (that's about halfway dry if you are not forcing it dry in an electric skillet), I gently (very very gently) pressed the flocking into the paste using a piece of cardboard over the top of the flocking material. I have found if you don't do this, then the flocking sits on the surface and tends to be somewhat sparse on a detailed design like this one. This light pressure will push more of the flocking particles into the nearly dry paste. When this flocked cardstock had dried for at least an hour, I tapped off the excess flocking and cut the flocked cardstock into four 7/8" x 5" pieces. I mounted these strips on a cream colored cardstock called Tsumugi Ivory sold by Hanko designs and mitered each strip to come together at a 45 degree angle on each corner. This forms a square frame for my centerpiece design.

I have always referred to this stencil as "the cardinal" (LM110), but when you are in charge of the brushes and inks you can make this crested bird be whatever you want, and I am creating a bluish jay that is often seen here on the West coast. It is called a Stellar Jay, and yes, we do have dogwood trees here as well. Stellar Jays are a vivid turquoise blue on their backs and a very dark blue/brown on their heads. When I was finished stenciling I glued crystals in the centers of the flowers and the jay's eye. And violá! ...a cardinal when you have a red color challenge and a Stellar jay when you have blue in your color challenge.

So join us this week and play along with Kim's blue, brown and cream colorway challenge. Just sign up with Mr. Linky below and others will have the opportunity to view your creation.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Faux Cross Stitch and the Plaidmaking Stencil

Welcome to Thursday's Dream is a free challenge week for the team and I have decided to do the Faux Cross-stitch Technique and also use the new stripe stencil (LX7002) to do some plaidmaking with the Memories Mists sprays as you see in the background of this card.

The faux cross stitch technique was done on top of the Dreamweaver Embossing Paste (DEP) after it was dry. To do this simple technique first paste the two owls stencil (LL3013), remove the stencil and set the pasted cardstock aside for half an hour to dry. While it is drying you can do the background. Our new Plaid maker stencil is a stencil with stripes. You can place your cardstock in a cardboard box, and position the striped stencil on this cardstock and spray it with the Memories Mist color green tea (MM19)... holding the spray bottle about 12-18 inches away from the stencil. Then gently pick up the stencil and turn it 90 degrees and place it on the same cardstock so the next stripes will be perpendicular to the first ones you sprayed with the green tea color. This time use the Wheatgrass color (MM05) to now create the plaid effect. Just a couple of spritzes with the Memories Mists spray bottle is all you need. You want wherever the colors overlap to be somewhat translucent to create that third color and if you spray too heavily you won't get this effect.

Now that the paste is dry, reposition the stencil (LL3013) onto the owls, and very lightly stencil some soft tones onto the owls...I used pale gray, and light brown pigment inks onto the owls and yellow onto beaks and talons and finish this first layering with a pale green on the leaves. Next position a small piece of fiberglass screen (SC) at a diagonal on top of the stencil using removable tape. Now this time you will want to stencil darker colors through the screen, dark grays onto the light gray and dark brown onto the light brown areas. The beak and branch also receive the darker brown and the leaves a brighter green. Remove the screen and stencil their eyes with a dark gray or black ink.

The saying was done digitally but I used the "hoot" stencil (LG734) and made just a bit of bright green embossing paste by mixing green tube acrylic into my regular matte embossing paste (DEP).

If anyone would like to play along you can do so. The faux cross stitch technique is quite simple and there are variations on it too. You can dry emboss first instead of paste-embossing or you can stencil directly onto cardstock. If you are interested in the instructions you can email me at and as for the Faux Cross-stitch instruction sheet and I will email them to you.