Monday, July 6, 2015

Zensdays: Summertime Color

This summer the diva, Laura Harms, is taking a break to spend some quality time with her young family and has turned over the responsibility of challenges to a others. So if you would like to follow her blog this summer click HERE to see what you may have to opportunity to attempt in the way of interesting Zentangle creations. This week, Jen Crutchfield CZT, has challenged us to add color to our work. Her creation was done on white paper in red/white/blue inks but she is open to seeing how we interpret the challenge. Wayne and I are each using a watercolor paper which our daughter rendered hombré-style watercolor washes onto. As you can see I went a little wild and it was a great practice session working with the tangle pattern Mooka. Not every line as I wanted them but it was Zen and that's what this one was all about today.

Wayne's creation this week is also done on one of our daughter's watercolor wash papers, but he used Sakura's Moonlight set of gel pens (38716). The colors he used were hot pink, purple and the color that looks blue (to me anyway) was actually teal...then he used a white gel pen on the Akoya tangle beads for highlights.

We were relaxing for the weekend at my Mum's home and here are a few pix of Wayne icing his knee and tangling on the back of an envelope. I find his creations all over the place done often on envelopes. BTW he said today his knee is feeling better.

Wayne working a grid based pattern.

Mom with pal: Sir Gawain and BTW when you order from you are directed to the website she created on her own. Pretty great for someone almost 80. Yay!

Bachelor Buttons and the twenty-four  fruit trees in the background which she nurtures for a bountiful harvest in the late summer.

They have had an extremely hot spell in Eastern Oregon and the peaches will be ripening a lot sooner than usual.

The English Walnut tree has been dropping nuts and foliage into the lawn and Wayne has had the fun (yes he does actually enjoy it...or says so anyway) of helping with mowing the lawn on Mom's riding mower while here. When we aren't here she does it herself.