Monday, November 15, 2010

The Last Hurrah!!!

Thanksgiving is just next week, but for the "Last Hurrah", I would like to post just a few cards that have an Autumn flare. The two cards seen here were created by Oregon teacher, Cherylynn Moser. The falling leaves (LL3004) were stenciled with bright colored pigment inks. Once she finished the stenciling she wiped the ink off of her stencil and taped out all the edges to add Dreamweaver's translucent embossing paste. After removing the stencil, and while the paste was still wet, she sprinkled on a transparent ultrafine glitter. When it is wet the paste is very milky, but once it is dry you can see the colors very clearly through the transparent glitter. The finishing touch on this card was to use a large stencil brush and a gentle pressure to stencil a chocolate brown color onto the edges.

The second card, using the tree background (LJ849), was paste embossed on a dark brown cardstock with the original embossing paste (that's the one with the maroon label). Once it was dry (this dries in half the time of the translucent paste) about 25 minutes, she repositioned the clean stencil onto the design and stenciled it with stencil brushes using Autumn toned pigment inks. I have also seen this tree design paste-embossed on creamy metallic paper with glossy white embossing paste...then glittered. This stencil has been done many different ways and I love every way I have seen it rendered.


Marijane said...

Both cards are lovely, but I especially love the 2nd. The tree background is one of my favorite stencils and I have been using it to make Christmas cards with the white paste & glitter technique you mentioned. I now will be making some fall cards like Cherylynn. The look is just an autumn sunset in the forest.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Thank you Marijane for being a follower...appreciate your comments. Also I love the Autumn wreath card you sent with the poem in it. I love poetry and it seems to go so well with cards to friends.

Pam Hornschu said...

Ooooh. Love the card with the tree background. The hint of color in the background is so pretty.

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