Sunday, November 14, 2010

Metallic F/X ...a Simple Creation

Cherylynn Moser teaches with Dreamweaver Stencils in the state of Oregon. As I end my theme today with Simple Cards for Christmas I would like to tell you that this card couldn't be simpler. I know it looks elegant, but elegant can be easy to achieve with stencils. She paste embossed the Holly flourishes (LG731) using the Matte Black Embossing Paste. After it dried she repositioned the stencil onto the pasted design and then daubed the pasted holly flourish witha glue from a glue stamp pad. Next she took a small stencil brush and loaded the ends of it with the Ivy Garden green Metallic F/X color. Metallic F/X are the Dreamweaver brand of mica powders. To make sure she didn't have too much on the brush she tapped off the excess into the opened jar lid of her color and then stenciled it onto the holly. She used the Kimono Red color of Metallic F/X to achieve the berries. So that the red color didn't get onto the greenery she used a stencil shield called Picasso (LL332). This is a tool used by stencilers that has curves and holes in it so that you can hold it up to the work that you are stenciling on and put color exactly where you want it. The book "New Dimensions in Cardmaking Using Embossing Pastes with Metal Stencils" shows several different ways to use this clever tool. If you don't own this book it is a great reference book for working with the pastes. It was published a few years ago, but the gallery in the back was recently updated with new card designs.


Barbara said...

This is lovely - how did you get the look for the scalloped edge?

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