Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simple Flocking

When it's time to make multiple Christmas cards, it is nice to choose something that you can do quickly. Cherylynn Moser from Oregon paste-embossed the holly background stencil (LJ891) with a glossy embossing paste. It really doesn't matter which color of glossy paste you use, because it is then covered with the thick colored flocking. I recommend the glossy pastes, because they have a greater surface area which is ideal for adding glitter, flocking or the Metallic F/X. Next she sprinkled green flocking from Stampendous all over the design and tapped off the excess, like you would when using a glitter.

For a quick-dry, place it on a pancake griddle on the lowest setting. After about 20 minutes take the card off the griddle and give it another hard tap to remove as much flocking as possible and then use a dry "Swiffer" dusting cloth to remove any excess flocking from the card's background. To finish off the card, Cherylynn stamped a sentiment, tied it up with contrasting ribbon and chose a pin with a pin cap to protect the tip. Great card Cherylynn!

Whenever you are paste-embossing a larger background stencil like the one above... I make this recommendation:

For ease of application use two palette knives, a larger spatula (WDPK) and then a smaller one (DPK) that is offset. Dreamweaver sells both of these knives. Begin with the smaller offset knife to remove the paste from the jar, and then spread it onto the larger applicator. With the larger palette knife method, I usually hold the knife at a 35-45 degree angle, then spread the paste across the larger stencil in only one or two passes. Don't be afraid to put plenty of paste on the larger knife, because most of this excess goes back into the jar as you finish paste-embossing. If you don't have this heavier load, you will have vacant empty spaces that you will have to go back over again and fill. The more you "fuss" with the process ...the more likely you are to have the paste seep under the stencil. So more paste is better.


Wendy said...

Awesome!!! Such a fun technique!!

Marijane said...

Beautiful card! The flocking makes it look elegant, but the technique is easy. Perfect! Thanks so much for the detailed how-to on pasting larger stencils. I'm making cards using the LJ 849 bare trees stencil for Christmas (thanks to Louise Healy's sample on her blog). The cards are fast and easy, but the challenge is getting the paste down smoothly over such a large surface. This should help greatly.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the tip on pasting larger stencils. I have had the problem of having to go over the stencil several times and the paste seeped under the stencil. Will be picking up the large knife. Love the flocking technique.

Daria said...

Thank you for all the tips.

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