Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We're having Christmas Card making weather today!

Finally the weather in So Cal has cooled off. No guarantees that it will stay that way, but for now it is putting me in the Christmas card making spirit. These three Christmas cards (going clockwise from the left) are by Kim Parkinson, Laura Drahozal and Georgia Sommers. I posted them today because someone wanted to know specifically what was new at Dreamweaver right now. The embellishment pins are new and really fun to add a festive touch to your creations. When I mount my card I try to use foam tape on the back of some of the mountings and then it is easy to push the pin down behind the mount and into the foam tape. This protects the card from damage when you mail it and hides the tip from view. Kim's Poinsettia stenciled (LG700) card is done with the Faux Cloisonne technique, Laura has used the metallic effects on black polymer clay using the open ornament (LL470) and layering the holly leaf stencil (LL3005) on top of it...(and she has offered to do a technique sheet for us so we can all now her special tips on the metallic f/x and the poly clay) and Georgia used the JAC paper technique on her CHRISTMAS, then mounted it with some printed scrapbook paper (or even wrapping paper would embellish this beauty). I love the bow made out of netting Georgia!


Kristi said...

I love these samples and the pins. Just trying to figure out the way I want to use them! I am sure it will come to me! Hope you are enjoying the weather!

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