Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Foiled Again!

Have you ever gotten rid of some of your craft materials because you are doing something totally different and you don't use that particular technique anymore? Then you discover a new technique using that material and there you are, without that special element you are needing that will make all the difference ...ahhhrrrgh!!! Well Pam Hornschu sent me these two beautiful cards in red, black, white and gold, using a "foil film" that I know I had given away because I no longer used it. Now I am desperately trying to find some of that material so I can try the technique myself. She started with a red cardstock and...

#1. Sprayed the front of it with a spray adhesive.

#2. Next she placed the "branches with birds" stencil (LL526) ...or the (LJ900) Berry branch as shown in the first sample, onto her thick white platten of her Big Shot embossing machine and anchored it with very small pieces of removable tape (so the stencil will not shift or curl).

#3. She crumpled a piece of gold foil, (the size of the red cardstock) and smoothed the back of the foil onto the front of the red cardstock which has been sprayed with adhesive.

#4. Next this gold foiled-red cardstock piece is placed gold side down onto the stencil.

#5. Now she places her rubber mat for embossing onto the back of this red cardstock layer.

#6. She layers the two clear cutting mats that come with the machine onto the rubber mat.

#7. Now is the time to run these layers through the Big Shot Embossing Machine.

As it rolls through the machine it cracks and spreads showing the red cardstock through the gold foil. I can tell I am going to be in love with this new if I can only find some of that gold foil....hmmm.

And of course if you are reading this Pam, you are welcome to make corrections in the comments. Thanks for this fun technique!


Kristi said...

GREAT cards!!

Pam Hornschu said...

The only correction I would make is that I probably SHOULD tape down the stencil, but I didn't 'cuz I'm lazy and want immediate gratification! Lol. Thanks for posting these, Lynell.
Kristi-thanks for the compliments!

Deborah March said...

SOOO beautiful! WOW!! What kind of foil is this? I need to try this, THANKS Pam!!

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