Monday, October 4, 2010

BloP Hogging for Glob Candy can be Fun!

...well you know what I mean, this blog hopping is not for the faint of heart, whew, lots of work for our fearless blog hop leader, Deborah a very special thank you to her! And thanks to those of you who visited our blog hop and left such lovely compliments. Then hugs to the Dream Team designers who spent many hours making these lovely creations. Each creation is sooo unique... (the cards were unique too)!!! Today I am off to Buena Park to try to convince the retailers in So Cal that they can't live without our stencils in their stores, so I will be back in the evening to discover who has won and work out the details of getting the product to you. My email is on my web-site, to those of you who have won, please feel free to email me any questions you may have ...about your winnings, where you would like your goodies shipped etc. Each design team member will post the winner on their site by midnight on October 4 (some have already posted, but others may be traveling etc.) and I will have some winners to post as well when I arrive back in the office. Then you will have another 24 hours to contact me with your mailing information, so we can get your Blog candy mailed to you ASAP.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing other products or stencils... you can find information on "Where to Buy" listed now on our website. Also for those of you that hopped to Lee Kellogg's blog, she has a store in Santa Fe and is happy to sell to you as well. She is listed on our Where to Buy list on the site. Some of our designers work or teach in stores all the way from California to Nova Scotia...and some of you discovered that Kim teaches classes on line. So there are many resources out there for learning about stenciling, and we are here to answer questions as well, feel free to leave comments or ask questions at any time. A special welcome to those of you who have joined as "followers" to my blog. Thanks again!!! Here is my email:


Bev M said...

I sure hope So Cal agreed with you - shops do NEED to have some stencils and models and supplies, those displays of Dreamweaver products and models are just gorgeous and people stop and look when they see what they can do with them!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Thank you Bev M...I had a good day, and I think I convinced a couple more people to give us a try. This year I had the Dream Team's samples as well and you know from this blog how spectacular they are so I know that helped ...bless you for the note of confidence.


Pam Hornschu said...

Hahahahahahahaha. You are so funny, Lynell! Love the title for this post!

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