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I can tell that you hoppers are getting into the groove. To win the blog candy need to tell us your favorite stencil, your favorite embossing paste and your favorite metallic f/x. If you don't you will end up getting my favorite choices for you. Each Dream Team member will be awarding this little kit randomly, so it pays to visit every designer's blog on the route. Today is the last day and you will have the opportunity to visit Pam's, Terrece's, and Wendy's blog sites. Then tomorrow after midnight October 4 each designer will post the winner. Be sure to check back ...if you do not claim your candy within 24 hours a different winner will be selected.

Aren't these sleighs that I have been posting unbelievable? All except one were done by the design team. It goes to show that you can take one stencil design and do it numerous ways. If you want to know how some of them were done just visit the designer's blogs and dig into their older posts. Most of these sleighs have been posted with a bit of description on how to make them. Enjoy hopping!

Remember if you are just starting be sure to visit the first and second days designer's postings as well. Gives you more chances to win and for one more opportunity sign up to be a follower on my blog and your name will be chosen randomly for another chance to win.

Here is the SCHEDULE again:



Barbara said...

The blog hop has been a lot of fun. The examples shown by everyone were amazing and extremely inspiring! Thanks for making this happen and for all the great ides.

Marijane said...

What a blast! Three days of fun and great ideas. I will now re-visit them all just to reinforce the inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity! I will leave my days favorite choices here (wasn't quite sure where to do it):
Rhinestone tree LG711
White glossy paste
Moonstone FX
I must say the past few days have given me a LOT of new favorites!

SherylH said...

I have just finished the 3-day blog hop but will definitely be returning to the DREAMitUP blog and the design team blogs as well for continued inspiration. I enjoyed all the great projects and can say that I got at least one tip/technique (if not more) from each of the participating sites. My thanks to you, Lynell, and your design team for the work that went into making this blog hop a wonderful event.

Cindi (aka iring) said...

Fantastic inspirationon the blog hop! I posted my choices if I win on each blog, but Wendy said to come back here and post one more last time, so here I am. If I win this time, I would like LJ895 bicycle, glossy black embossing paste and pixie blush f/x. Thanks for all the chances to win!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Marijane...thanks for your comments and just want to verify...if you want more opportunities to win you should post on each blogsite and if I were you I would give different choices on each site. The reason for this is that each designer is awarding a kit and if you post the same choices on each site you would win multiples of the same choice, therefore if you won on all 11 sites you might win 11 jars of white glossy paste 11 LG711 and 11 Moonstone f/x. (you could start your own store) Improbable because everything is decided by But you know there is a probability factor! Glad your having fun! Lynell

Linda B (NY Card Lady) said...

I have just completed the blog hop and have to say I am impressed and inspired. Can't wait to go pull out some stencils and paste! I have signed up to follow this blog and plan to visit regularly for more inspiration. I often take stencil classes from Theresa at Sweetheart Stamps She has designed some tremendous cards for us to make. Such fun and a great teacher!
I have made my Christmas cards with stencils for the past few years. Am working on a design for this year's cards. Maybe I will be lucky and win a new stencil to play with!! Thanks so much for the inspiration and the opportunity.
Not sure if I am supposed to select another stencil here or not, but would like to try L708 Chickadees and some glossy black paste and Moonstone fx

Anonymous said...

This blog hop was great. And, I had fun looking through the online catalog. So many amazing stencils to try -- now that I know what awesome projects you can make with them. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Here are the products of my choice, just in case I am one of the winners ...
LL 3003 Hot Air Balloon
Glossy Black Paste
Cocoa f/x

Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing hop ladies! I've never tried stenciling but now I can't wait to try it! You all have given me so many amazing ideas and I think this would be so fun to try! Definitely a follower now so I can see more of your amazing creations from the "Dream Team"!Here are more of my favorites - LS 26 Snowflake, White paste, and Glacier Lake fx.

airbrush said...

wow all the sleighs have been impressive. I love the Palms trees aLL527 and silver paste and ivy garden fx. thanks Jane

Unknown said...

I can't stop looking through all the stencils... my wish list is huge!!!

4 oz. Dreamweaver Pearlescent Embossing Paste (DPP)
FX13 Sapphire
LS 91 Seasons Greetings

Joe M said...

Just signed up for your blog and visited the others! I have lots of new ideas and favorties now.
LL 572 Cardinals n holly
Glossy Black paste
Amber Glow fx

Joe Rotella said...

DreamWeaver has the most amazing stencils and all the products are top notch quality. It's hard to pick just 1 for this hop, but here goes:

LJ 893 Gingko bough
FX11 Ivy Garden
Translucent Embossing Paste (DEPT)


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