Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Zensdays with Lynell and Wayne #4

Creation #1

Today our first creation is the Diva's Challenge #195. Laura Harms (the diva) is taking some time off and guest designer Sandy Hunter has challenged us with the her own words:

Imagine your favorite go-to tangle pattern. Something you love; something you draw all the time. Is it a grid-based pattern? Or is it a ‘scatter’ pattern, that you can just use randomly to fill up a space? If nothing comes immediately to mind, go poke around on …or pinterest. They’re gold mines for tangle patterns. 

Here’s the challenge: 
If you picked a grid-based pattern, pull it out of the grid and make it a freeform one. 
If it’s a freeform pattern, make it a grid-based pattern. That could mean several rows or a single row, drawn as a border.

The idea is to change the structure of a pattern, while still retaining its basic elements. Don’t worry about getting every part of it exactly “right”. If you’re having a good time and you’re drawing something you like, it’s perfect. 

Also if you have time to see some of her go-to tangle patterns and how she altered them from grid based to free form click HERE to see more about this guest designer on the Diva's site.

I haven't been tangling long enough to have a "go-to" pattern, but last week Wayne and I did a quilt using the grid based pattern Telis by Chrissie Frampton. If you want to see that quilt click HERE. It was great for the faux ceramic tile/quilt design and I do think it lends itself to free-form organic type of design work as well.

I am hoping that now that I've practiced this I can work with it more in  an actual tile. Thank you Sandy for such an interesting concept and challenge, as time permits I will play some more. 

Wayne posts his Diva Challenge work on his Flickr account each week, so you can check out his #195 challenge work there.

Creation #2:

The next creation is a ZIA (Zentangle inspired art). When we first started posting on Zensday Wednesdays I did the diva's challenge and turned it into a quilt design, using a grid type of stencil that we designed many years ago to use for a technique called faux ceramic tile. We have done a different quilt design each week since Zensday #1 and today I am posting one of Wayne's quilts using a tangle pattern called Tesali.
Grid stencil LJ811 used with tangle pattern TESALI

Creations #3 and #4: by Wayne for Christmas Cards:

 Zentangle patterns used: top to bottom

Variation of Veezley and Lanie
Variation of Yew-Dee

For step-by-step information on how to achieve these patterns go to 

Zentangle patterns used: top to bottom

Combo of Dex and Deco

Materials used on both of these cards are the nested ornament die (DG674) and ink pads were used to stencil the color onto the paper ornaments. Then the word peace was a stencil from our comfort word stencil (LG696) and paste embossed with the matte black embossing paste (DMBP).

We are just finishing up our thankful/thoughtful card challenge Nov 30, our last post for this is come by tomorrow and see what the Dreamweaver design team is up to. They do such beautiful work and also see what others are doing for the challenge AND please cheer them on...they all work so hard and do such beautiful work that it's nice to leave them a comment or two along the way. 


Dianne Johnson said...

Beautiful beautiful work Wayne and Lynell!! Love your Zensdays!

ionabunny said...

These are great. Really enjoying zensdays. Had a little look at Wayne's gallery the other day Wow. Love all the animals he's tangled. Was very inspired, but of course have yet to find time to have a go. Thanks for sharing. Hugz

Kia said...

beautiful art - love your telis tile - it is one of my favourite patterns

Tangles and More said...

Great work. Like the cards as well.

Nata said...

Your tile is so elegant and free! Beautiful work on the cards too.

David Hunter said...

Love your free-form version of Telis. It has given my sketchbook some class, thanks to your creativity. This post is full of so much creativity. You and Wayne are an awesome duo.

Viki Banaszak said...

I love the ornaments! I especially like the one with cruze on it. It looks so complicated.

Jan Castle said...

Stunning work!!!!

Anne's tangle blog said...

So much beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing. The challenge tangle is beautiful!!

Unknown said...

C'est très aérien et élégant !

Unknown said...

All your tiles are very nice, but most of all I like the changing of the Telis pattern - looks lovely in this way! What a great idea :-)

Helen said...

Your freeform tellis looks great. Lovely job! :)

Unknown said...

Love the free form trellis. I will use it in this way! Your other work is lovely! There are going to be some lucky people who receive these cards!

Dragonfly-Artz said...

Your freeform version of Telis is quite lovely. I am looking forward to trying it. Your cards are stunning, as are all your creations:)

bmlilith60 said...

How creative to do Telis, I like it. Your quilt and cards are lovely also.

Chrissie Frampton said...

Just found your blog and then saw you used a free form version of Telis. You did a great job of it, I will have to try it myself.

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