Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Zensdays with Lynell and Wayne #3

Hey! It's Wednesday again....seems like time just flew this past week. We have several cards to share with you today. The first posted piece done on black cardstock is for the diva's challenge #194. Laura Harms, the diva, has guest designers this month while she is taking a break for family. Laura's youngest son had eye surgery and the guest designer, Elisa Murphy, is encouraging us to show Laura we are thinking of her during this difficult situation and has come up with a challenge she calls, "embracing the Yuck". The challenge is to draw your tile this week with your non-dominant hand. This gives you the experience of dealing with a situation over which you have no control. I am a this first piece was done with my left. What a wild ride...pretty shaky, but it definitely shows that we compensate and make do when the going gets rough. There is a lot more behind the story so you'll want to read about Elisa's life experience and how the rest of Laura's followers approached the challenge click HERE to see their challenge submissions.

I found that after the initial "I cannot do this"...that you really have to embrace the yuck and go forward or else you just give up. It is actually somewhat "freeing" quote one of the challengers. None of us were perfect with this challenge and all of us were pretty brave to give it a try, I think. So you also have this sense of "i'm not in this alone". And maybe that's another thing to come to terms with and from others.

Here is my tile for #194 challenge and following are a few other creations by Wayne and moi ...done by NOT embracing the yuck. Wayne posts his creation for the diva's challenges on his Flickr page

I think the hardest part for me was trying to do the "fills" in the diva dance pattern.

I didn't complete the pattern ING...when I was practicing it I discovered if I just did the first two steps it sort of looked like a wall ...holding back the "water", so I left it at that. 

For more information go to to learn more of the steps for this and the following patterns done on some of the ZIA work I am also posting. ZIA stands for Zentangle Inspired Art.

The next ZIA creation is another faux ceramic tile technique done with two patterns to make another quilt looking card. (You may have noticed I went a bit crazy with the quilt theme...starting with our first Zensdays posting). Wayne and I did this one together...I did the leaves and petals and he did all the flourishes. And we collaborated on the colors...choosing the colors together and then he rendered the color this time, using Marvy/Uchida LePlume markers. I again finished the card with a clear embossing powder using LJ911 grid stencil to corral the ink and powder and make it look more tile like. If anyone wants a step-by-step of the process email me and I will send you the instruction flyer for faux ceramic tile.


The last two ZIA creations are cards that we also showed in our Art 'N Soul class a few weeks ago in Olympia. 

 Materials used are:

Merry Winter Stencil LS 1015
Matte Black Embossing Paste
Black Art Glitter
You and me Stencil LS 1004
Stocking Nesting Dies DG692
Houndstooth Stencil LJ913

The papers on both of these stockings were printed scrapbooking text weight papers and some of them had a printed checkerboard pattern already on the paper. These are fun to play with for grid based tangle patterns.

Tangle Patterns used are:

For the Merry Winter card-Flying Geese and a Yincut variation 

For the You and me card- Fungees on the smaller green stocking and the red cuff uses Tesali and the larger stocking uses the houndstooth stencil on the green cuff and a variation of Pom-x2 on the lower stocking part. 

Now we hope you'll take the time to leave a comment and remember that tomorrow is my weekly post on stenciling...stop by on Thursday and join our stencil challenge if you have time!


Unknown said...

What a clever idea to use a grid patterned paper and then stentangle on top!

Anne's tangle blog said...

The first on black paper. This was maybe more difficult and you did well.

ionabunny said...

I tried to tangle retro cat last night. Not a great success. Love the stockings. The pink and green look great together. Love how the large pink ellipses really pop. Hugz

KT Fit Kitty said...

Such fun designs! I have no tried this yet!

Unknown said...

Your black tile looks fantastic! You really picked some hard patterns to try out and it came out so striking and lovely on the black tile.
Your cards are just magnificent. I'm a quilter and I can totally see that first one as a pattern that folks would love to make!

jeanchaneyaz said...

I think you were really brave to do your non-dominant hand tile on black. I think that it's a bit more difficult to work on the black with the white pen. But, it turned out quite nice. I do like the cards too. Especially, the ones with the stockings.

Jan Castle said...

Oh My!!!! What lovely work!!!! Love the collaboration card - so well done! The stockings are delightful....anyone would be impressed with the detail work you did!!!! TFS - inspiring!

Unknown said...

Nice work with the black tile! Your cards are lovely! I really like the stockings!

Betsy Wilson CZT14 said...

You 2 are a good team! Lovely card. And you were quite brave to try your non dominant hand with a black tile. Sometimes those experiences teach the most!nicely done!

David Hunter said...

Love all of your Tiles. So creative and beautiful. Your Challenge Tile turned out great. Your off-hand treatment of your patterns is wonderfully done. I especially like your Diva Dance, and Msst patterns. This challenge was so eye-opening. The drawing experience with the off-hand was a real trip. So different and humbling. Good job.

Viki Banaszak said...

I love the wonderful Zen you are sharing with us.

bmlilith60 said...

Lovely tiles. I really like the quilt one.

Katie said...

Really love the tile card! beautiful color choices. :) Great job! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Ilse said...

Beautiful work, and I think it's great you chose a black tangle. Seems so much harder to do - with or without that zen-feeling ;-)

Suzanne Fluhr said...

Great job embracing the yuck. If I didn't know you were embracing the yuck and thought I was just looking at "art", I would not have for one moment thought that something was "off"---which tells me something about art and perception. Your other work is lovely as usual.

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