Friday, November 7, 2014

For Carol's Questions Regarding Technique

Hello everyone,

Today I received a call from a customer, Carol, and she had purchased a couple of our new embossing folders, got them home, and had some questions on how to use them. Embossing folders have been around for awhile and there are several techniques on inking the folder and running them through the machine. BUT...have you considered using ink and a stencil brush and doing the Strié technique like you do with our stencils. Here are a couple of samples:

Season's Greeting FG677 an embossing folder by Dreamweaver Stencils
After you put the embossing folder through the machine, use a large stencil brush (make sure it doesn't have harsh stippling bristles, but rather soft tipped bristles) and your favorite inks. I am using the Wendy Vecchi Archival ink "leaf green". Load the brush generously and then off-load the excess ink onto a paper towel. I pulled the color straight across the design leaving the Season's Greetings area white and then went back with another clean brush and pulled Imagine Crafts Delicata gold ink across that area. The berries really needed some help because they were green and gold here is a picture of the next step:

I dipped a medium tipped embossing tool or stylus into white glue and touched each berry. I found that I needed to reload the tip for each berry, but it didn't take long. Then I sprinkled on my favorite "Art Glitter" red. Then set it aside to dry.

Here is another folder FJ917 Happy Holidays:

I used a blue distress ink with the same strié technique and finished it with the silver ink from Imagine crafts Delicata silver again using a large stencil brush.

Another technique for using the folders with colored metal is shown in this post from October, click HERE to learn more.

This is a quick "view the technique in a nutshell" post, but I have a couple more samples I will try to post later this weekend using this technique with the folders. I have been traveling and some of my samples are packed. Kathi, my Missouri sales rep, sent me a couple of beautiful samples using this technique and has an even lighter touch with her work, so beautiful. Will get back to you later this weekend with her samples.

If you would like an instruction flyer on the Strié technique (this flyer was originally done with showing people how to emboss with the machine and their metal stencils, but the technique can be used for any type of embossed paper) so email me at if you are interested in the step-by-step process.


KT Fit Kitty said...

What a neat technique - I have not tried this before! Love the outcome!

Pam said...

Beautiful! Have to try this with my new stencil that arrived today. Thank you!

Viki Banaszak said...

These are so pretty! I am not very good at this technique.

ionabunny said...

Very pretty technique. Hugz

Jan Castle said...

Looks great....want to give it a try!

Heather said...

very neat technique!! pretty cards

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