Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful and Thoughtful/November's Stencil Challenge

As we officially head into the holiday season, the Dream Team are challenging all of our followers to be especially "Thankful and Thoughtful" during the month of November. We hope that you will link your creations with this theme in mind on the Dream It Up! blog using the Inlinkz tool. Our "thanks" to you is providing you with the opportunity to win the stencil of your choice, and a bonus stencil of our choosing could be yours for using Dreamweaver product(s) in your artwork.

As time moves on I am reminded and am most grateful and fortunate that not only have I had the best design teams over the years, but I have also had some wonderful teachers and sales reps sending me beautifully created cards. Sometimes life here at the helm of Dreamweaver is hectic and my travel and teaching schedule get in the way of blogging regularly. Pam Hornschu has been behind me every step of the way and does many posts for me when that happens. Soooo thankful for Pammie!!! Also I am fortunate to have sales reps that are supportive and several of them demonstrate and teach. Today I am showing two cards done by Kathi Anderson my sales rep from Missouri. She also travels to New Mexico and reps for a couple of stores there. This is the state she used to call home. Thanks Kathi for your hard work.

The two cards she sent me are done with our new embossing folders in the technique called Strié. She taught this in a class recently at a store in the St. Louis area called Checkered Cottage and her students loved the process. If you are interested in the instruction flyer send me an email at and I will email you a pdf of those instructions. (I also blogged about this tech. a couple of weeks HERE for more info.) Kathi began by using the pinecone embossing folder FG675 ....she first embossed the design on cardstock and then after doing the subtle strié tech. with light brown ink she used a copic marker and colored the pine needles, then added an overall gold feel using Delicata gold ink from Tsukineko....again with the strié the needles and pinecones both had a subtle cast of the gold on them.

This is the second card Kathi sent:

Kathi embossed the Peace on Earth folder FG663 and then used the same Strié process of adding the beautiful blue and silver Delicata ink from Tsukineko.

Remember that as you stroke the color across the embossed image that you want to pull it in a straight direction so that it will hit the edges of your embossed image. If you just rub the brush across the image in a circular motion it will add color but it may not create a distinctive coloration to the embossing. Follow the directions closely...notice on both this design and the pine cone how the edges of the cardstock have just a small amount of striping at the edges of the card. Hence the word "strié" which is a french word that means striated, ridged or streaky. 

By the way, the Dream Team are very THANKFUL when our followers are THOUGHTFUL enough to leave us a nice comment on our posts! Here's the "A" team lineup for this week, as well as our very special guest designer, Linda Neff! Don't forget to link up your challenge creation with inlinkz.


Jan Castle said...

Beautiful cards....TFS! Looking forward to trying this technique!!!!

Pam Hornschu said...

Beautiful cards, Kathi! Love the shimmer and simplicity!

Viki Banaszak said...

I love the cards! It kind of looks like they have a special glow.

ionabunny said...

Unfortunately it's xmas so I can't link it in but thought you might like to see this Love the waves stencil. Working on something else I can link up. Hugz

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