Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dreamweaver Stencils and Art Glitter

Ready to be sparkly? This month is our annual collaboration between Dreamweaver Stencils and Art Glitter, and we promise double the glitter and double the fun! Follow the trail of bling all of this month on the Art Glitter blog, and the Dream It Up! blog. Play along with the monthly challenge of "Awesome in Autumn" and link your creations to the linkytool on the Dream It Up! Thursday posts for a chance to win some stupendous stencils and glamorous glitter! As if that wasn't cool enough, Art Glitter is offering a 20% discount this month if you use the code DW20 and...
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Blowing Leaves LG728 with Art Glitter

This beautiful card is done by Willi Haslam of Salt Lake City. She used a various colors of ultra-fine opaque glitters from Art Glitter. Willi just finished her final project for Dreamweaver Stencils Teacher Certification and I asked her permission to show this card off to you. Gracious person that she is...she said, "yes, of course!" Thanks Willi!

Art Glitter has the biggest selection of opaque glitters that I think I have ever seen and ...a combination of opaque glitter on the detail work and transparent glitter on the background area is why we call this technique "Double Glitter". 

The steps are simple, but there are several so here is my take on how she accomplished this.

1. Rub our Hawaiian handmade soap (DHHS) all ove the back of the blowing leaves stencil (LG728). This will keep the stencil safe from sticking permanently to the stick mounting paper. 

2. Brush off the excess soap crumbies from the holes of the stencil. Then remove one side of the release paper from the sticky paper (MPDS) and attach it to a piece of cardstock for stability. Next remove the release paper from the other sticky side and attach the stencil firmly with the soap side down against the tack of the paper. Be sure to press firmly and evenly so the glitter won't flare under the stencil. 

3. Next sprinkle a variety of the opaque glitters in fall colors using a straw cut at an angle. This "tool" is inexpensive and allows you to use small amounts. This variety of warm colors adds to the awesomeness of Autumn.

4. This next step is the most important (I think), so that you won't ruin your stencil. Place the colored glitter side face down on a table so that the stencil is hidden from view. Now gently pull the tacky paper away from the soaped stencil, supporting the stencil with one hand while pulling the paper up with the other hand. This way you are bending the paper and not the stencil.

5. The background area is still tacky so sprinkle ultra-fine transparent crystal glitter all over the tack and rub it in a bit.

Repeat this process on the bookmark inside the card using the falling leaves stencil (LL3004). Willi finished the card with a grommet so a ribbon can be tied into it for a her bookmark.

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Lea said...

Wow, Willi! Beautiful card! Love the double glitter!

Cherylynn said...

Gorgeous card Willi! Great coloring with the glitter. And congratulations on becoming certified as a Dreamweaver Certified Instructor!!!

Jan Castle said...

Love the leaves...starting to look this way outside my house!!!
Paper Hugs,

Jan Castle said...

Forgot to mention a special THANK YOU for the goodies...4 Dreamweaver Stencils and one die (such a cute puppy!), and 2 great Stamps - I will certainly have fun using these!!!!
Paper Hugs,
Jan Castle

Louise said...

Very clever and beautiful too! Great creation Willi!

Heather said...

Gorgeous Card!! Lovely colors of glitter used, cool technique...and love how Willi decorated the inside as well!!

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