Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Our Canadian Friends

This Thursday is a free challenge week and today I am honoring our Canadian neighbor's Thanksgiving holiday. This year October 10 is their Thanksgiving (the date changes yearly just like ours) and I actually wish we celebrated this same day for ours, it just makes so much sense. It is before the weather turns cold for one thing, so the "over the river and through the woods" drive to Grandmother's house is much safer and the scenery much more Fall-like. Also we would have a bit more time to enjoy that holiday, because it is separated by more than two months from Christmas. Let's advertise this idea on facebook to everyone we know and see if we can get things changed. SERIOUSLY!

Today I have featured a simple dry embossed card using the pumpkins stencil (LL514) and the happy thanksgiving stencil (LM251). The greeting was even more simply done by just stenciling it with pigment ink. After the pumpkins were dry embossed I stenciled them with pigment inks as well. Next I took a large stencil brush and added just a touch of green pigment ink at the edge of the white cardstock by stenciling in a circular or rouging motion all the way around the card. Sometimes simple is elegant.

Speaking of elegant, the second card I am featuring is done by Canadian card artist and teacher Fran Holt. I met Fran at CHA and she was kind enough to send me a card recently. I love it when I can post YOUR creations on the blog...feel free to send them to me anytime. Now I have to admit I don't know how she did the background, so Fran...if you are reading along here let us know by writing us a message in the comments at the bottom of this post. Well here is what Fran emailed me as an explanation as to what she did for the damask background:

Hi Ladies,

Thank-you so much for your kind words about my card. My background was made using an ink transfer technique - so easy to do with Lynell's Dreamweaver stencils. Here are the steps that I followed.
Place your stencil on the flat bottom of a cardboard box.
Spray it with 4 - 6 sprays of at least 2 different colours. I used my old LuminArte Radiant Rain sprays: Sky Blue and Bronze Medallion. (I had the best results when I used opaque sprays that laid down solid colour.)
Place a piece of watercolour paper over your sprayed stencil. I used Canson, 140 lb, Cold Press.
Run your fingers over the paper, without moving it, to press it into the ink. When you're satisfied that you've transferred the colour, lift it off.
That's it, easy and simple. Have fun and enjoy!

I do have an instruction flyer with the above technique called "ink transfer technique". If anyone wants this please email me and I will send it to you. The cameo stencil (LL3017) was paste-embossed with the Pearlescent Embossing Paste (DPP). The damask background stencil is (LX7001). This is a fairly new size of stencil for us and measures six by six inches. I made these LX stencils a size that would go through the Embossing Machines, both the Big Shot and Cuttlebug. Just FYI we also have a new size of rubber embossing mat (REM) that fits these stencils made by Stamping Details. For those of you that may be interested in taking a class from Fran, she teaches at a store in Pointe-Claire, Quebec called Bonnidee. Take time to visit them.

If you would like to play along this week remember it's our free week, so anything you want to show us. And I do love getting your cards in the mail as well if you don't know how to blog...I know you're familiar with snail mail.


Pam Hornschu said...

Sorry, Lynell, not buying into the Thanksgiving in October thing. I like the Halloween then Thanksgiving then Christmas then New Years thing! Creature of habit! Love the pumpkins and fall colors of your card for this week.
Fran, your card is gorgeous! How did you create the background? Almost has a patina-ed look.

sommrstamping said...

Fran this is a beautiful card and like Pam I would love to know how you created this background it is really striking with the cameo. I don't know about changing the holidays Lynell I not even ready for the first one coming up.

Liz Martin said...

The Long Pumpkin stencil is getting a lot of use this time of year, and your fall colors are so rich and luxurious, Lynell.
Like Pam and Georgia, I can't wait to find out how Fran did the damask background.
As for changing holidays, I'm casting my vote with Lynell as I'd like a bit more time to enjoy Thanksgiving on its own without all the Christmas decorations vying for space.

Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

VEry lovely cards..NEED the pumpkin and The Cameo is sooooo pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love the cards - both of them! Fran's card is so elegant.

SherylH said...

Two beautiful cards!

Louise said...

Wow to both cards! Beautiful Thanksgiving card Lynell, sorry I forgot we were celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this week! Fran's card is just gorgeous!

Dorrie said...

I want to know about the background too please! I have link my card for Woodware this week, I love the metal that Dreamweaver has introduced us too.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Fran HOLT read the blog post yesterday and tried to leave a note in the comments, but couldn't so she sent me an email with her explanation of the background technique...I then placed it in my blog reread above. We do have an instruction flyer on this technique so if anyone wants me to email that to them let me know. The main difference that creates a bit different look is that she used watercolor paper instead of glossy or digital paper, so the look she achieved is more subtle with the color. Absolutely beautiful, heh?

Dorrie said...

Very clever! Have to get out the Memory Mists

Wendy said...

Great project Lynell & Fran!! I love the soft blue!! Thanks for the great inspiration!!

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