Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Sketch by Deborah

Sketch by Deborah March

Two days ago the hot weather finally broke and I felt that perhaps Fall was on it's way. With this positive thought I am going forward with a more seasonal attitude to my card making and blogging. I do love this time of year, even though Southern California is usually somewhat behind the rest of the country with it's Autumnal weather. 

Our challenge today is a sketch by our own fearless leader Deborah March. I am presenting a card done on metal and colorized with new alcohol inks that will soon be on the market called "Color Solution". These artist grade alcohol inks are highly saturated and stay wet just a bit longer, giving you more time to work with the colors.  

First I paste embossed the spider stencil (LS28) onto a piece of acetate using Pearlescent Embossing Paste (DPP) with the Goldfinch Metallic F/X mixed into it for a golden coloration. I set this aside to dry and then moved on to embossing the spider's web. I started by putting the spider web stencil (LJ816) through my embossing machine with a piece of aluminum. 

The method I used to stack the plates:

1.  A thick white plate or "platen" first
2. The stencil face down
3. Next the piece of metal to be embossed
4. Thick rubber mat (REM)
5.  And finish with the two acrylic plates ...(if you are using the Cuttlebug then use 2 "B" plates).

...I also can't stress enough that for this step #5 if you usually use one of these acrylic plates for die cutting it could be warped and it could warp your stencil, don't put a warped acrylic plate close to the stencil or rubber mat. 

Just FYI...I show how to do this stacking method in my new DVD Tips and Tools.

Once this was finished, I placed the embossed aluminum face up on my work mat, then I dripped several Color Solutions on the metal directly...Darkest Brown, Thistle, Citron and Gourd Green and then once it started drying I applied several drops of Gourd Green and Iceberg onto a piece of felt with just a few drops of thinning or blending solution and daubed it on top of the other already drying inks. This method of working a wet mixture of ink and thinner on top of the dry alcohol inks creates the puddling of color that you see in the finished "web" (LJ816). 

A few minutes later when it was completely dry I sanded the embossed spider web with a fine grit sanding block so the web would stand out. I then cut the web into four rectangles and mounted the spider I had previously pasted onto acetate directly in the middle of the web.


Liz Martin said...

Lynell, this is gorgeous. The inks are so rich and intense, they make the web the perfect home for a golden spider. It's not creepy crawly any more!

Marijane said...

If only all spider webs could look this gorgeous! Thanks for posting the directions on embossing with a die cut machine... I always forget the proper order of all the layers.

Louise said...

Oooh! I love this! I just got that web stencil and will have to give this a try! The new alcohol inks are wonderful and fun to use.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Just gorgeous Lynell. I am looking forward to playing with the inks.

Laura Drahozal said...

I just love what you did with those alcohol inks--the dripping, layering and such! Great work.

Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

very very very sorry to be absent last week. I will update my blog this week

Deborah March said...

OH-MY-GOSH, this is utterly SPECTACULAR!!

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