Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Flocking on Glossy Black Paste

I loved doing this card. The flower lace background stencil (LJ820) is one of my favorites. This time I paste-embossed it with Glossy Black Embossing Paste (DGKP)... in fact I used the new paste spreader (LM2010) to paste-emboss the black paste onto a pale pink cardstock. The new spreader is especially wonderful for large lacy designs like this one. After I removed the stencil and while the paste was very wet I sprinkled the black flocking generously over the design. I placed it on my pancake griddle to hasten the drying time. (It usually cuts the drying time in half ...if not faster.) Then I turned on my laminator to give it time to heat up. After about 20 minutes I knocked the excess flocking off the paste (you don't want it too thick going through the laminator) and then sprinkled it sparsely with the black flocking. I then placed it into a folded piece of glossy paper and ran it through my now well heated laminator. The heat and pressure helps push the flocking into the slightly heated glossy black paste. I trimmed it out and tied it up with a pale pink ribbon and a black organza ribbon to make it look like a package wrapped in black lace. The small celebrate stencil (LS89) was placed onto a small glossy black tag and then paste-embossed with a mixture of Glossy White Embossing Paste (DGWP) and a small amount of Glossy Red Embossing Paste (DGRP). The ratio was 4 parts white to 1 part red. Remember when you are mixing to make a tint you want the majority of the mix to be white. Once it was dry I tied it into the ribbon. This is a card that people want to touch...the fuzzy surface is a real tactile delight!

This is my last pink/black colorway posting. Tomorrow it is a free challenge day for the Dream Team...come back and see what they are dreaming up!


sommrstamping said...

Oh this is pretty I like the trick with the laminator now if I could just find mine.

Louise said...

Beautiful card Lynell, I have to remember to use flocking more often!

Anonymous said...

Lovely card and my interest is piqued with the black flocking and running it through the heat laminator. Most interesting!

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