Sunday, August 29, 2010

Julie from Down Under

Julie Makela lives just south of Brisbane, Queensland in Australia. She is an absolute marvel when it comes to using Dreamweaver Stencils. In the past few years she finished her degree in Art and her love for mixed media shows in everything she does. I am always fascinated with her ability to layer and cut things. Here I am showing cards she has done using some of this mixed media pizzazz. Behind the penguins she sculpted white emboss paste to create the mountains. The penguins (LL560) were paste embossed with black embossing paste onto an acetate film and once they were dry she turned the piece over. Using just a bit of the white embossing paste on a brush...she painted their bellies and other white parts on the back of the acetate. Then when that was dry she cut the acetate close to their heads and mounted them on the mountains, hiding the mounting tape on the reverse side of the penguins.
The lizards (LM2004) were done in a similar manner, pasted onto acetate, however this time she sprinkled glitter onto the wet embossing paste. When this was dry she turned the acetate over and colored the back of the acetate using acrylic on a brush, then when this dried she cut out the lizards and mounted them with foam mounting tape onto a white cardstock. This white paper was dry embossed with the petal background stencil (LJ899) and just a bit of ink was loaded onto either a large foam dauber or large stencil brush and then brushed across the dry embossed petals to leave a hint of color.
Julie is the one responsible for teaching me the "JAC" paper technique...remember the cardinal that Louise Healy did early on...I mentioned how Julie does this unique effect in one of my first blog postings. I hope to see Julie Makela at CHA in 2011 and I know she will be sharing some new techniques at one of the booths there. Stay in touch to hear more as we get closer to the New Year. By the way Julie, when you get a chance to read this...if one of the above steps is not quite right just let us know in the comment section.


Marijane said...

WOW! Julie has taken stenciling and using embossing paste to a whole new level with techniques I had never thought of. I need to start thinking "outside-the-box" a bit more and seeing all my art supplies in a new light.

Julie said...

Everything was explained very well Lynell except for where I live. I am still chuckling.
Melbourne is the state capital city of Victoria which is at the lower end of the Eastern side of the country. New South Wales is the middle sate on the eastern side and above Victoria. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. I live just south of Brisbane which is the capital of Queensland which is above New South Wales. I think that completes the geography lesson, lol.
Thank you for the compliment Marijane.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Ooop! Yes, Brisbane in Queensland...heehee, I knew that! Oh my goodness, I guess I am going to have to visit Australia one of these days (we visual learners you know, have to "see it and experience it" to know it)...I will change this on the post so geographically educated people will have a better picture of where you are actually from and I won't seem quite so ditzy.

Kristi said...

I love the penguins. I love seeing what others are doing. You rock!! I also use the paste as snow and backgrounds and in general as texture. So I just finished a truck load of samples and have to get them in the mail! YIKES

Deborah March said...

Ooohhh, what a FABULOUS card!! LOVE those lizards, LOVE that background stencil, LOVE the design...WOW!!!

Daria said...

Thank you for all the details!

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