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Dreamweaver Stencils’ Design Team Call out:

Beginning: March 1, 2014
Ending: March 21, 2014

New team members will be announced:  April 1, 2014

Term from April 1, 2014 through March 31, 2015
(First posting will be in April 2014)

Do you dream in color? Do you dream in texture? Do you dream in fun? Then the Dreamweaver Stencils’ Dream Team wants YOU! We are looking for someone with an organized mind, but still able to think outside the box…or in this case…the stencil.

Here is what we would require from you:

1)   You must have a blog and be willing to post for Dreamweaver Stencils at least twice per month…on Thursdays usually. These posts must be live on time. We understand that emergencies happen. Please let Pam know if you will not be able to post that week. An inconvenience is not an emergency. If you know in advance that you will be away, pre-schedule your blog. If you need advice regarding this, no problem.
2)   You must be able to link your blog to social network sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
3)   You must be willing to link your posts to at least one online site each week, such as Split Coast Stampers, Two Peas in a Bucket, etc.
4)   You must be willing to play with the monthly challenges and post regarding them, which will include sketches, colorways, inspirations, dimensional items (boxes, frames, quilts, wall hangings, furniture…anything other than a card), and of course…cards.
5)   You must be willing to submit your creations to online magazines, and print magazines in the industry at least two times per year. We understand that whether you are published is at the whims of the editors, but we would like some effort put forth in this, including emailing a copy of your submitted design to Lynell and Pam.
6)   You will be required to create samples for new release product, and physically send them to Dreamweaver Stencils for use on sample boards, industry and retail shows, sales reps, etc. Occasionally your samples can be photographed and emailed. Many times you can receive your samples back after they have been photographed for use. Please note: Occasionally we will reserve the right to change a portion of your samples…a color, a sentiment, a size, in order to provide continuity for displays, etc. If this will be a problem for you, please advise in advance, and know that your samples may not be used at trade and retail shows. This is not an insult to your work. You would not be chosen for the team if we did not think your design-work is top notch. This is regularly done in the industry where selling our product is more important to us than selling YOU.
7)   You will occasionally be required to take part in collaborations between Dreamweaver and other companies, usually in the form of a blog hop, or a time requirement of promoting their products with Dreamweaver. If any of these companies become a conflict of interest for you in regards to other teams you may be working on, please advise Pam in advance.
8)   Occasionally, you may receive new product for you to test and provide your opinion.
9)   Your samples will be cards, scrap pages, mixed media, and dimensional items. We want crafters to see all the multiple ways stencils can be incorporated into their projects. Your samples will need to demonstrate a variety of techniques and products as well. Patterned papers, stamps, and embellishments from other companies can be added, but the stencil designs MUST be the focus.
10) You must provide supply lists and instructions with each sample.
11) You will be expected to sign a form promising not to share any new product info or new designs before release.
12)  You are free to belong to other design teams as long as they are not direct competitors of Dreamweaver Stencils, and you feel you can still meet your obligations as a Dream Team member.
13)  Beginning in 2014, Dreamweaver Stencils will begin an ongoing weekly tutorial on our own YouTube channel. Team members will be required to post a tutorial on that site at least every other month. These need to be video, with step outs, and must be taught with Dreamweaver techniques unless. New techniques are encouraged, but need to be authorized for the video tutorials on this site. The best way for us to gain more customers, and encourage existing ones is by teaching with enthusiasm.

Here is what you can expect from us:

1)   We will provide you with a beginning “kit” including several stencil designs, paste, Metallic F/X, Memories Mists, aluminum, tools, etc. Some of these items you will be allowed to select your own designs, colors, etc.
2)   With each new release, we will send you one each of the stencils designs, and extras that we receive from various companies in the industry for you to play with and incorporate into your samples. We will request that you give these companies credit on your blogs, etc. for these items.
3)   We will provide you with Lynell’s Tips and Techniques video as well as a complete assortment of Technique Sheets. We do not expect you to know these techniques from the start, but be willing to learn and expand your creativity.
4)   Occasionally one of your creations may be used for a display board in stores. You will be given the first opportunity to make the amount necessary and be compensated in cash for your work. This is not expected, but gives you the opportunity to be compensated monetarily.
5)   Another reward opportunity will be available to you for being published in any of the main industry magazines such as Paper Crafts, Just Cards, Scrap & Stamps Arts, Stamper’s Sampler, etc. You will receive a “credit” of $25 for each published item, to spend as you would like on Dreamweaver Stencils and product.
6)   You will be welcomed to the Dream Team Yahoo Group site, which will give you an opportunity to learn from the more experienced members of the team, enjoy the fun of our stenciling “family”, and receive updated bulletins regarding team events. You will have your own “album” where you can upload your designs for the rest of the team to see, and for Lynell or Pam to possibly use in the weekly Dream It Up! Posts (yes, you will receive credit).
7)   You will have a wholesale discount of 50% for purchase of other Dreamweaver Stencils’ product for your use. If you are interested in teaching locally, there are other ways that the company will be willing to help you so that your classes are profitable for all. If you would be interested in becoming a certified instructor for Dreamweaver Stencils, you would have a 50% discount for the certification program.
8)   We take great pride in our Dream Team members, so any opportunity that we can help to promote you and your creativity will be made a priority. We will keep an updated list of the latest editorial calendars for magazines on the group site, or other challenges or opportunities you can go for. There will also be a calendar in the Yahoo Group site for you to keep track of upcoming deadlines and assignments.

This is what we need from you by March 21, 2014:

1)   Samples: at least two cards, and a mixed media and/or dimensional item. At least one item must be stenciled. We realize that many do not have much in the way of stencils, so your creations may be completed in another paper-crafting technique (stamping). Your dimensional item does not need to be mailed…just the flat pieces.
2)   Photos of your samples must be emailed as well. This is important as you will be posting for us on a regular basis, and your pictures need to be crisp, clean, clear, and well lit.
3)   Name, address, phone number, email, blog address, and links to any online galleries that you may be featured. Your blog will be the main view of you. Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We don’t expect you to be an English teacher, but these items affect how others perceive you and Dreamweaver Stencils as well.
4)   A couple of paragraphs describing you…why you paper-craft, how long have you been crafting, have you stenciled before? Why do you want to be part of the Dream Team? Why would you be a good addition to the team?

Hopefully we have not scared you off with all these details. You will want to rely on US and we will want to rely on YOU. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Pam at

Please mail your samples by March 21, 2014 to:

Dreamweaver Stencils
Lynell Harlow
Dream Team 2013
1335 Cindee Lane
Colton, CA 92324

Email your personal info and photos to:

Lynell Harlow

Pam Hornschu


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