Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Flutters/New Challenge and We Have Winners

Are you ready for the new Dreamweaver challenge for the month of February? It will be a short month of posts for the Dream Team, but we're pretty excited to share with you our versions of "February Flutters", meaning anything that flutters. Heart flutters, wings that flutter, breezes, curtains, sails, etc. So, come along for the ride and link your own "flutterings" to the Dream It Up! blog for a chance to win the stencil of your choice. At the bottom of this post are two winners for the two contests in January, meanwhile, here's my "fluttering" for the week:

This week I have reposted from Jan 5, 2012. I had one of our readers ask, "how do you add a sentiment onto a background that you have paste embossed"? This is a really detailed post, but hopefully it will address that question, plus inspire you to make a special card for that person in your life that causes your heart to flutter on the upcoming LOVE-ingest day of the year. 

LOVE word (LL498) was paste-embossed onto acetate

I have to admit that Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. And I enjoy sending them to friends, family and even my sweetheart either before, on or after the actual date. One year I missed getting my Christmas cards done, so I did Valentine's Day cards instead. Yes, I am a bit of a heart you can tell by our design line-up.
     This card was not difficult to do. First I dry embossed the large open heart stencil (LJ834), then I left the stencil in place and placed the flower lace stencil (LJ820) on top of it. This way the embossed heart is pushed up as close as possible to the flower lace stencil so that when you paste-emboss the design onto the heart there will be very little gap. I used the Glossy Black Embossing Paste (DGKP) to paste-emboss and used the new paste spreader (LM2010). I especially like this paste spreader for wide open designs like the heart or large background stencils like the flower lace stencil. I immediately removed the stencils and cleaned them. Then I sprinkled the dark purple flocking onto the wet embossing paste. These days I dry things quickly by setting them in my large electric skillet on the warm setting. Pasted items will dry in half the time they usually do when I use this skillet. In this case I just left the flocking piled onto the paste while it was drying. While this was drying I mixed 1/4 tsp. of Plum Royale Metallic F/X (FX07) into 1 Tbsp of the Pearlescent Embossing Paste using the smaller palette knife (DPK). Then I used this mixture and paste-embossed the word "Love" from stencil (LL498) onto acetate or transparency film. Also while I was waiting for these pasted pieces to dry I stenciled the flower lace background design onto the lavender paper using pigment ink and a very large 3/4" stencil brush. This particular stencil has a repeat to it so I could move it around on the larger piece of paper to cover the entire area.
     By now the flocked and pasted heart was dry, but to ensure that the flocking was deeply embedded into the Glossy Black Paste  (DGKP) I warmed up my laminator, placed the heart inside a sleeve of glossy card stock (so the flocking wouldn't get sprinkled inside my laminator) and put the entire heart -flocking and all, through the machine. This way the flocking was impressed into the warmed up embossing paste. I cut out the pasted "Love" from the piece of acetate. I placed a piece of double stick mounting tape onto the back of the acetate and adhered it onto the flocked heart. A piece of Creative Impressions' Eggplant colored crepe ribbon, was tied onto the lavender background card then the mauve striped paper was cut 1/8" larger than the flocked heart and mounted behind it. These two hearts were then mounted using foam mounting tape onto the ribboned cardstock. For a finishing touch an ivory embellishment pin was colored using the Sugarplum Color Solution Ink  (CS208) and placed down through the bow of the ribbon adornment. To finish the card I mounted it onto another piece of metallic pin-striped mauve cardstock.

I noticed today that team member Heidi Erickson's POST also had a dry embossed background and she placed a sentiment on top of could also do this with embossing paste backgrounds. Just a little banner that is stamped or stenciled can be placed on top as well. 

Need more inspiration? Please visit the rest of our fabulous team listed here:

We have winners for our January Challenge + we did an extra little "comment challenge" last week for people that left a comments on the team's posts after reading to the end of my blog! YAY...for Disco Queen...she won for commenting on Terrece's blog, you win any stencil you desire from the "Stencil With Style" website. Email me your address and stencil choice at: and we will ship it to you post haste via snail mail! Now our random winner for the January Challenge is HOLLY and here is a picture of the card she posted:

(So again, Holly and Disco Queen, please choose a stencil from the Stencil with Style site mentioned above and email me your address and stencil choice and we will send you your favorite stencil right away.)

If you are not sure how to play along with our challenges or how to link to the linky tool below just click HERE for more information.

Also scroll down to see what the Die-Cut Diva's are up to with our stencils. Follow the links to join their hop for a chance to win some great Dreamweaver Stencils and product. 


Holly said...

Oh my gosh, that's my card! Thank you so much for picking my card as your winner! How exciting!!

Louise said...

Love this flocked heart Lynell! Beautiful card. Congrats to the winners too!

Katia said...

wow amazing projects for today, I love this!

Pam Hornschu said...

Huge congrats to Holly and Disco Queen! Love this purple creation, Lynell, especially the tip about running the dried pasted/flocked piece through the laminator to ensure plenty of fuzziness!

Jan said...

Lovely LOVE card!!!

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