Thursday, December 19, 2013

Trying to get it done in a hurry? Then Power Paste the Molten Magic Technique

This month it is the old flurry scurry get it done in a hurry! But that doesn't mean it has to look simple and wimpy...nope, not at all. My all time favorite fast technique is power pasting with the Molten Magic technique.

Molten Magic is a simple technique that requires sprinkling the Metallic F/X mica powders onto wet embossing paste. Then I tap off the excess powder into the trash bin and heat the paste while it is still wet with a hot heat gun. This bubbles the paste and very quickly dries it at the same the results are immediate. The card you see here actually got too hot while I was bubbling the paste, however the haziness actually ended up looking like the ornaments are glowing....see a feature instead of a problem.

The "POWER PASTING" technique adds to these fast results. Usually if I am using a stencil that has small holes like this Shell Christmas tree (LJ898) I can only paste three or maybe (at the most) four at a time before the holes start filling up with paste. However wide open designs can often be pasted as much as 8 times before you have to change the paste. This really helps get multiples done quickly.

A couple of the cards got singed, but it turned out to be a feature. 
Last week design team member, Louise Healy, described the process beautifully. She blogged all about "holidays in a hurry and power pasting". This wonderful posting was so detailed that I am sharing her description with you. Just click HERE to discover how she accomplishes this technique. I also have a DVD on Embossing Paste Techniques that shows the process. If you are someone that is more visual I highly recommend this DVD.

NOW....after sprinkling the wet paste with the Metallic F/X and the card is heated and the paste is bubbled I take a dry Swiffer dusting cloth and gently wipe the excess Metallic F/X powder off of the background of the design. Here is a list of the colors I used:

1. Pink Poppy
2. Goldfinch
3. Wedgewood
4. Sapphire
5. Glacier Lake
6. Kiwi

The embossing paste used on the aqua paper was the Metallic Gold Embossing Paste (DGP) and the paste used on the dark blue paper was the Pearlescent Embossing Paste (DPP). So you can see that this technique can be done on several of the glossy styles of embossing paste.

May Arts Ribbons are beautiful embellishments

The paper that I used as my base cardstock is a metallic golden yellow. I have discovered that this is not the best stock to use to sprinkle the Metallic F/X onto because the Swiffer just doesn't clean off the excess from glossy or metallic cardstocks. So I use these type of papers for the main card instead. I did the same process for the Season's Greetings stencil (LS91)....I power pasted and did the Molten Magic technique  as well. Then I used a variety of May Arts ribbons to embellish my cards for the finishing touch. 

Now if you would like a detailed pdf of the Molten Magic Technique you can email me for it:

I know some of you are super busy...but I certainly want to thank those of you who have taken the time to play along with our "holidays in a hurry" challenge this month. Please feel free to do so again...we have a couple more weeks to go. If you need more information on how to link up with the linky tool click HERE. This month I will again choose two random winners instead of only one. Remember Pam Hornschu also does a banner every Monday on the Dreamweaver Stencils Facebook page and you could comment to randomly win a stencil there each week.  A special thank you to FitKitty who allowed me to CASE her card for my posting last week. It also allowed me to get several Christmas cards in the mail early. Don't forget to take the time and follow the list of our Dream it UP team listed below. See what they are accomplishing in a hurry this month...they have loads of beautiful ideas. Leaving them some comments encourages them to keep creating with Dreamweaver Stencils.


Vickie ODell said...

I read all three weeks about getting done in a hurry and I guess I hurried too much! Sorry I messed up trying to link my image. It gave me a message to log out and try again, but when I did, it said I already had a link. I was trying to link the photo of the two cards, old and new.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

I followed your link and although the thumbnail doesn't show up in the link area...when I clicked on it I was taken to your blog. NICE work....thanks for joining up this month as I know it is wild at this time of year for everyone! Pam knows the ins and outs of linking so I will ask her if she has any insight for you ;)

Louise said...

Beautiful images Lynell! I just love the molten magic technique! Thanks for your kind words about my power pasting posting too!

Lyn Bernatovich said...

Beautiful card Lynell! I like the blue and gold colors. Bet this is gorgeous in person!

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