Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This Thanksgiving I am taking time to thank several people. I want to THANK (in a very big way) Pam Hornschu for posting for me this past month. I am truly thankful to have such a supportive friend and creative designer as the head of our team. And of course a special thanks to Linda Neff for being our guest designer during our Beacon Adhesive promo this month.

As you can see by the picture above, my main focus has been elsewhere. Our daughter was married November 17 near Zion National Park, Utah and I spent the past month doing creative projects for that occasion. Speaking of Beacon adhesives I highly recommend the Gem Tac glue for gluing acorn caps back onto acorns. Really great glue...I often use it in situations where I need something I can trust! I drilled over two hundred acorns and tied them with ribbon for napkin holders and during the drilling process quite a few of the caps came off...thank goodness for Beacon. A big thanks to their marketing team for sending glues to our team to use in our creations.

I also want to thank all of the people who have been posting to our blog challenge this past year. We have some very dedicated followers over the years and I love seeing what you have have been creating. I consider myself fortunate to have such dedicated followers and team members. Again thanks!

Pam Hornschu offered to do one more post for me, but I thought I could get at least one Dreamweaver creation done this month, but I lied ...just couldn't do it, so I found a card (yes, not even a home decor project) that I posted recently where I used Beacon's Gem Tac glue as an adhesive for "GEMS"....I use this glue all the time for putting gems onto projects. The wonderful thing about this glue is that you can actually use it for a variety of other things as well. It is a white glue but dries clear. So if you have applied excess it will just show clear underneath your gems. 

This creation began with the Dreamweaver Glossy Green Embossing paste (DGGP)...I paste-embossed it onto the vintage decor stencil (LX7022) and then sprinkled it with different colors of microfine Art Institute glitter. Once this was dry I put droplets of the glue onto the dots in the design and attached the gems. But it also came in handy for the next part of this design. I squirted dollops of the Gem Tack glue onto the leaves and used a toothpick to move the glue to within a 1/16th of an inch of the design and then sprinkled on Art Glitter's Nutmeg colored glitter. Then repeated on the central leaves using Art Glitter Chartreuse colored glitter....and finally the flower or pod was done with Pumpkin colored glitter.  Adding this glue and glitter embellishing really added triple dimension to the piece. It did take awhile for the glue to dry...maybe two or three hours because I wanted it to be dimensional, but the results were so smashing that it was worth the wait. I tied up a scrumptious May Arts ribbon for a finishing accent and there it is a new design to share. I will be teaching this card with more of a Christmas flair at Stamping Details in the San Diego area next month, perhaps I will get to meet some of you personally. 

Now don't forget to visit the team this week and see some wonderful creations. And if you would like to join our challenge click HERE to see how it is done. Next month we begin a new challenge and of course we love to have your projects added below. This month's winner will be announced next week but you have a few more days to post.


Pam Hornschu said...

Love this panoramic photo that Wayne put together. Such a beautiful wedding and fun trip. Love this card, even if you've posted it before.

Louise said...

Congratulations! The picture of the wedding is beautiful! I love your card and it would be perfect in a nice frame as a home decor piece! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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