Thursday, December 13, 2012

FROSTY FUN....I mean Frosting Fun!

'Tis the season to a make Christmas cookies. And I think it is extra special to get the children involved. Join us today as my great-niece helps me with this tutorial using edible frosting instead of embossing paste.

If you have come here today to check out the challenge for the month of December, called "Frosty Fun" click HERE to find out the details about what you could win or link up with mr. linky.

A variety of Dreamweaver metal stencils
Your favorite sugar cookie recipe
Your favorite butter frosting recipe
Dreamweaver Palette Knife (DPK)
Cookie cutters without a lot of detail
Removable tape (RMT)
Food coloring
Cookie sheets
Sugar Sprinkles plus....

A Child (or best friend...or do it yourself...)

STEP #1. 

Roll out the chilled sugar cookie 
dough... wearing bright Christmas 
colors and jingly earrings makes 
the occasion extra fun:

STEP #4. 

Cut out simple shapes with cookie cutters and bake them according to the recipe:

STEP #3. 

Mix several colors of frosting and set aside... wearing jingly bell earrings adds a bit of Christmas music to the atmosphere:

STEP #4. 

Once the baked cookies have cooled, tape all the way around the small snowflake stencil (LS26) with removable tape (RMT). I like to use removable tape because it is less tacky and easier to clean off the stencil later:

STEP #5. 

Gently spread colored frosting into the holes of the stencil using the bottom of the palette knife (DPK). (The bigger the cookies, the easier it is for the kids to handle) :

STEP #6. 

Remove the stencil off the cookie using the hinge technique, like when you are doing the embossing paste, so your frosting won't smear:

Here's Matilda with her own creations! YAY!!!

The type of stencils used for this technique have wide open holes in them. Stencils with tiny holes are too challenging for the kids to be successful with this technique (some adults have problems too). Here is a list of the stencils shown in this frosting fun tutorial:
LL399 antler snowflake, LL398 Southwest snowflake, LS26 small antler snowflake, LM297 ornament, LS79 star. And you can purchase these from your favorite retailer or online at

(Now all that is left is the clean up!)

 If you are interested in how to stencil with the more detailed stencils on cookies using food coloring visit my tutorial that I did today for Paper Craft Planet. Click HERE.
Now try stenciling with food coloring!

If you leave a comment on my Dreamweaver Giveaway @ the Paper Craft Planet  TUTORIAL  you will  have an opportunity of winning your favorite stencil.

My great-niece (Matilda) helped me with THIS tutorial as well.

Please join us and see what the team is doing for "Frosty Fun"!


Louise said...

Oh my goodness! These are fabulous! I can hardly wait for Ellie to be old enough to help me twitch cookies! What a great idea,

Caroline D. said...

Those cookies look delicious and so pretty!! Aren't you the clever one to use stencils to decorate cookies!!

Cherylynn said...

Wow Lynell, you definitely take stenciling to whole new levels. Thanks for the inspiration! Now to find a gluten-free sugar cookie recipe!

Anonymous said...

Over the top, now do I need a set of stencils for the kitchen too?!! Love it Lynell, love it. I never thought that far out of the paper box. Too cool.

Quietfire said...

lol, this is completely awesome!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! What a great helper you had, too.

Scrappychick said...

These are just fabulous! Looks like you guys had tons of fun :)

Barbara said...

What a great way to use the stencils! I never would have thought of using cookie frosting! Edible glitter and colored sugar would be good, too.

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