Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Challenge: Frosty Fun!

Ahhh...December! Brrrr....!!! This month we are challenging you to design a wintery delight. It can be something other than paper, but again we will have two winners: "Best interpretation of the challenge" and "best usage of Dreamweaver products". This last month of the year we will award each of these winners a brand new stencil design we are releasing at CHA. (It's a secret until the very end of the month!) Just link up to mr. linky below and if you don't have a blog or Flikr account feel free to email me your creation and I will post your creation on my blog for you.

Today I posted this creation on Paper Craft Planet, click HERE to see more stencil tutorials on their site. This is my frosty creation for this Thursday's Dream Schemes. I was inspired by Pam Hornschu's creations when she did a similar creation on flat ceramic ornaments. So here is my CASEing of her beautiful work. Click HERE to see what she did.


Dreamweaver Embossing Paste
Palette Knife
Paste Spreader
Removable Tape
Flat Glass Ornaments
Gothic Snowflake Ornament (LL396)
Art Institute Glitter (Blue Angel)
Pan for water/scrub brush

STEP #1:
Begin by placing one long piece of removable tape (RMT) at the top of the gothic snowflake stencil (LL396). This piece is referred to as your hinge. When it is time to remove the stencil it will be the last piece of tape to be removed.

STEP #2:
Tape out the rest of the other sides of the stencil and press the tap down firmly onto the stencil so the paste doesn't seep underneath the tape.

STEP #3:
Apply the Dreamweaver Regular Embossing Paste (DEP) to the Dreamweaver Paste Spreader (LM2010) using the palette knife (DPK).

STEP #4:
Gently yet firmly spread the paste into the holes of the stencil with the paste spreader (LM2010). Try to avoid going over the image more than once or twice. This will ensure that the paste doesn't seep under the stencil and cause the image to blur.

STEP #5:
Remove all of the tape except the "hinge" or the first piece you positioned at the top of the stencil. You now remove it just like you would flip open a hinged door. This keeps the print from getting smeared.

STEP #6:
Add a small amount of dishwashing degreaser into a shallow pan of water and immediately put the stencil into this bath. Be sure that when you dry or wash a metal stencil you always keep them flat. This will keep them from getting damaged or bent.

STEP #7:
For the finishing touch, while the paste is still wet sprinkle it with glitter. Because it is past-embossed on glass it will take longer for this to dry than if it were done on paper which is absorbent. This ornament was filled with giant flakes of glitter for extra Frosty Fun...

Come back to link up with your creation for our December Challenge right here on this post. and don't forget to follow the list of the Dream Team below:


Louise said...

Beautiful! Though I had to laugh when I saw how similar our chosen technique was, kindred spirits for sure!

Liz Martin said...

This is beautiful, Lynell I'm going to look for flat ornaments today 'cause I really want to try this.

Cherylynn said...


Great minds think alike. I did an ornament as well but I think yours is much better (no surprise there!)


sommrstamping said...

Love this ornament it looks frosty alright. I really need to get some ornaments to do. Well maybe after this weekend.

Caroline D. said...

Wow! What an awesome and beautiful snowflake ornament!! I want to make some!! :o)) Hmmmm.... I like the thought of secret CHA stencils... carried in a black suitcase secured to your wrist.... I know your new designs will be gorgeous and I look forward to seeing them.

Barbara said...

These are really pretty, but where do you find these particular flat glass ornaments? The only ones I've seen are just flat and can't have glitter added to them.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

I found these at a Hobby Lobby in Rancho Cucamonga Calif. But I know some of the other "BIG BOX" stores have them. Some places have round glass ornament balls if you go to Cherylynn Mosers site she did one of those in a different technique and you can put glitter in those too.

Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

love love love this!

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