Thursday, August 2, 2012


Did you look at yesterday's posting of the July Summertime Fun challenge winners? Wow...every entry was so clever in some way that it's almost impossible to judge who's creation is the best. Well, this is the stencil we will be sending out to the winners of the July challenge who we listed in yesterday's post. It is a new design which will be available in stores by mid-August. This stencil "Season of Joy" (LX7016) was created when someone suggested that we design a stencil that can be done quickly and simply for a Christmas card. There are a couple of very CAS (clean and simple) techniques you can use to create this card. Which is just great when you are doing multiples of a design for the holidays. (BTW...even when you are doing your cards in August CAS is the way to go.) Today I am showing just one of those CAS techniques.

I started with this beautiful blue "dotted swiss" cardstock from Bazzill Basics. I love how the dots in the paper give the impression of snow falling on a muggy hot summer day. Hmm...just seeing if you are paying attention.

Next I paste-embossed with glossy white embossing paste (DGWP) using our paste spreader (LM2010). This large spreader is nice for very large stencils like the Season of Joy stencil (LX7016). Then before I took the stencil off I reloaded a small amount of the same paste onto the tip of my smaller palette knife (DPK) and tapped it up and down on the tree to sculpt just a bit more "snow" into the scene. After the image was dry I added glitter glue to the road leading into the trees and also the star in the sky, but I repositioned the clean stencil onto the dry pasted image while I did this, keeps the glue where you want it.

This month if you join our challenge you could win another one of our new designs "Dangling Heart Ornaments" (LJ921). Be sure to visit our Dream Team's blogs today and see if anyone has created with that design. Like I said you may not be able to order them until mid-August from your retailer, but stop by their store and let them know you want to order and they can get their pre-order to us. But we have the same challenge going on this month. You can win the stencil if you are voted best usage of Dreamweaver products or #2 you could win for best interpretation of the challenge. CHRISTMAS!!! There's a lot of possibilities there. Just link your blog to mr. linky below or email me at: and I will post your creation for you. Be patient with me though because I will be traveling and teaching in New England from August 9-20, but i will get your creation posted. We will also be doing a blog hop with Woodware Craft Collection in the UK this month. More Christmas designs! YAY!!!

YOU could win this stencil!!!


Louise said...

I just love this new stencil, it has such a peaceful feel to it!. It would be a miracle if snow fell in August here, it will be in the 90s today!

Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

I love the blue...I love that stencil!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card! I like the addition of the glitter and the texturing of the snow.

Pam Hornschu said...

Such a pretty wintery card. I love that new stencil design!

Unknown said...

Just love the new stencils! Can't wait to see some more samples of cards.

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