Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dreamweaver and Woodware Day Four: Molten Magic

All of this week, the Dream Team and the Woodware UK teams are celebrating the release of the new holiday designs from Dreamweaver Stencils. Of course, no celebration is complete without prizes...and there are some fabulous ones for those commenting on both sides of the "pond". 

Each team will be providing the opportunity to win four prize packages of stencil designs, perfect for the holidays. Just leave your comments each day on each players' post as well as the Dream It Up! and Woodware UK blogs, and the Dreamweaver and Woodware Facebook pages. Two random commentors  will be chosen from the batch of weekday posts, one each from the DW and WW Facebook pages, and from the big hop on Saturday...from each side of the pond!* That's a total of eight prize packages up for grabs! Here's what you could win:

Check out our creation for today:

Elaine Benedict is showing off her talents again. This time featuring the Star Dream Christmas Tree, and using the Molten Magic technique. This is our latest inspiration, and so much fun to do! Especially if you are the type of crafter who hates to wait for paste to dry. Here's the steps:

1. Paste emboss the tree with a glossy paste (Elaine used the Pearlescent Paste). Need the basic paste info? Click HERE.

2. Sprinkle surface with various colors of Metallic F/X powders.

3. Apply a heat tool over and above surface until puffy and bubbly (keep moving the tool).

4. When cool to the touch, you can press with fingertips for a more textured look.

5. Once it is totally dry (it may take a bit longer to dry than just heating with the tool if you have pasted it thickly) take a Swiffer dusting cloth and remove the excess powders in the background.

Note: On more open designs, you can ink a stamp with Versamark and stamp the design into the surface!

Don't forget to leave some holiday cheer as you move on to all the players for today:

Remember to follow along with the challenges on the Dream It Up! and Woodware UK blogs for more prize opportunities, and more crafty inspiration, as well as "liking" DW and WW on Facebook.
*Winners selected must be from USA/Canada/UK only.


Dorrie said...

You know molten magic is a must for me, as I have no time to wait for my paste to dry, this looks so delicate. Thank you Elaine.

Joy H said...

oh wow, that is just so beautiful! I will have to find some time this weekend to play with this technique.

Lillian Child said...

Simply adore the neon look of this holiday tree! Beautiful technique!

Lea said...

This is just gorgeous! Can't wait to give this technique a try and since I work in stamp store, I want to demo it too! How long does it take the paste to dry using the heat gun? Also, after you've made it all bubbly do you still have to wait for it to dry a certain amount of time? Thanks in advance!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Hello Lea, Sometimes if I have pasted the piece quite thick it takes awhile before it is totally dry, you can tap the bubbles down etc, but don't get too vigorous with swiffering off the powders that are still left on the cardstock in the background or you may smear the paste. Give it a good 1/2 hour of further drying time.

Viki Banaszak said...

That is such a cool idea! I love being able to pull out my sacred stash to use on a beautiful project.

scrappybetty said...

I must try this technique.

Laura Drahozal said...

Loving the Molten Magic Technique here!

Caroline D. said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I *must* try this technique soon... thanks for the details on the how-to!

Terrece said...

WOW! Love the molten finish. I'm going to have to try the Pearl Paste. I've only been using mat!

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