Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two Winners for the CAS Challenge:YAY!!!

This month we have been challenging you to do Clean and Simple or CAS. And everyone that joined the challenge did a fabulous job! Remember we have two categories ...#1 is Best interpretation of the challenge and #2 is Best usage of Dreamweaver products. It was so hard for me to choose that I brought on my husband Wayne to help judge your artwork. Those of you that know more about our company understand why ...Wayne does the majority of the of the artwork here. We design together and then he puts it all together. Because it was so difficult to determine winners and we are really wanting all of you to play along we have decided on a #1 and #2 winner and then we decided to send all the rest of you that played along a thank you stencil. You deserve it ...the work was wonderful So here are the WINNERS:

#1 Best interpretation of the challenge: Alison Heikkila for her first submission #8 of the plum blossom overlay stencil

#2 Best usage of Dreamweaver products: Joy Hauck for her fuchsia card

Here is the list of everyone else who played along and will receive a stencil of our choosing:
Angela V.
Anne Temple
Barbara M.
Caroline Duncan
Christina D.
Liz L.
Rose S.
Stamp Muse
Sue P.
Tiffany S.

So don't forget to email me your snail mail addresses's the only way for me to know where to send your stencils.
Be sure to join us for this month's challenge...Dreamweaver has loads of flower stencils, so we are doing April flowers!


Caroline D. said...

Congrats to the 2 top winners!!... but it sure feels like we all won this month with your generosity of sending everyone a stencil!! How fun!! Thank you so much!! :o)

Pam Hornschu said...

Congrats to all of our players this month, and especially to Alison and Joy! Don't forget to play along in April!

Kathy D. said...

I just wanted you to know that I used one of your fabulous stencils. Thanks for such a beautiful product.

Stamp Muse said...

Congrats to the 2 winners of the challenge ... your creations are beautiful!

And how kind of you, Lynell, to make everyone a winner! What a fun challenge.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Hi Stamp Muse...if you get the chance send me your snail mail address for playing along this past month and I'll get that stencil out to you. Thanks again!

Jessie Hurley said...

Congratulations to our Winners! AND everyone else who played along! Thank You Lynell for being so generous to all of us who love your stencils so much!!
I can't wait to see what April's challenge inspires us all to create!

Caroline D. said...

My beautiful prize stencil arrived Saturday!! Thank you again Lynell for your generosity!! :o))

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