Sunday, November 13, 2011

Butterflies in the Winter?

I am still posting some of the alternate projects for the Thistle card for my upcoming classes at Rubber Stamp Fantasy in Marietta, Georgia. I showed that card on my blog a few days ago. And if you want to see the boards with the actual classes click HERE to visit their blog.

Again this card is done with the same materials...colored aluminum from MercartUSA, and the new Color Solution which is an artist grade alcohol ink from Dreamweaver Stencils. However it uses two different stencils: the daisy background stencil (LJ892) and the new butterfly stencil (LJ916).

You may ask, "What makes this color used on these metal projects artist grade?". Well, it comes in 16 vibrant colors for one thing, and this means you can mix the colors and thin the colors to make them tints, tones and shades. Also the conditioner which is the Color Solution actually helps the solution stay moist for a few seconds longer than most alcohol inks. Which means you have a bit more time to work with them. Yes, they do dry quickly but you have time to manipulate them more which makes it nice for the traditional stenciling procedure of applying your colorant moist as opposed to extremely wet (and of course you can't stencil with a dry applicator...where's the fun in that).

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Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

Love all the double embossing! Very cool indeed! I have been playing around with some of that, just can't get things to look like I want..grrrrrrrr. All these cards are lovely. Do you EVER sleep?

Louise said...

I wish I could be in those classes!

Daria said...

Beautiful dry embossing on the butterfly! I love the vibrant colors.

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