Sunday, August 28, 2011


Glass fusion by Shirley Parlin owner of
Here are the design teams sites and September 4th they will start to choose the winners, so check back here the 4th and 5th to see if you have won, you can click on your name to take you to the site you have won on and there will be an email address there for you to send us your snail mail addy to, then we can send you your blog winnings:

Monday August 29: 

Tuesday August 30:
Debbie at:
Winner is Diane
Deborah at:
Winner is #58 of 62 ANN
Kristi at:
Winner is Lillian Child

Wednesday August 31:
Siobhan at:
Winner is Georgina

Thursday September 1:
Dorothy at:
Winner is Kim Reygate
Kristi at: 
Winner is Marijane
Wendy at:
Winner is Karen B

Friday September 2:
Francoise at:
Winner is Junie Moon
Lynell at:
Winner is #12 of 13 Marijane

Saturday September 3:
Georgia at:
Winner is #7 of 9 SherylH
Terrece at:
Winner is Janine


Pam Hornschu said...

Great minds think alike on titles! Lol. Looks great to me!

Kristi said...
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Kristi said...

very cool plate! love it

Daria said...

That plate is so beautiful! What is glass fusion? I checked out today's blogs, and they were wonderful. I'll be back tomorrow.

Deborah March said...

Oh my GOODNESS...this is simply STUNNING!! Tell us more...please!

Louise said...

This is just beautiful, how does she do it!

Kristi said...

Lillian Child Won for Thrusday...regenerating for Tues~!

Kristi said...

Sorry...UGH Lillian was Tuesday!

Kristi said...

Marijane is the Thursday Winner!

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