Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zensdays with Lynell and Wayne #7

Happy Holidays everyone! Today is another mixture of Wayne collaborating with me on the art form of Zentangle. The diva, Laura Harms has issued Challenge #198 and is going back four years to her first challenge ever. She called her #1 challenge "KISS"...which stands for Keep it Simple "Silly"!  Read about her first challenge and see how some of the other Zentangle enthusiasts/artists have interpreted the challenge by clicking HERE. My interpretation of the challenge went the gamut....I have loved the zentangle pattern called Trentwith for a long time and never really ever tried it, so I decided today was the day. Last week David Hunter used it in the center of his arukas challenge tile and I LOVED what he did so I had that added inspiration to go forward with Trentwith...if you want to see his creation from last week click HERE. I used it in the corner of my challenge piece today and added my own variation of the pattern Hached....then went nuts with our ancient Prismacolor pencils. Guess I need to tell Santa I need more colors. I thought this was the "simple" part of the challenge for me...because I literally scribbled away and it went really quickly. It's fun to do a challenge where you can interpret it a gazillion different ways. If you want to see Wayne's interpretation of the KISS challenge click HERE to view his tile on his flickr site. As per usual it's an UNBELIEVABLE creation...it wouldn't be simple for me, but everyone interprets simple differently, silly!!!

Wayne and I also did another quilt design with Trentwith. I did the Trentwith 'roses' and he did the ivy/holly leaves, this will eventually get made into our Christmas cards. If you are interested in knowing more about how to do the tangle patterns  called Trentwith or Hached step-by-step click HERE to go to tanglepatterns.com. Trentwith was a pattern designed by Terri Greenberg. I used the LJ812 metal stencil to trace the grid pattern and the coloring was a combination of pink and pale green Prismacolor pencils then shaded with LePlume permanent alcohol based ink markers using a darker pink and green.

Then our last creation was Wayne's ZIA work using Hollibaugh on the small nested ornament die (DG674) cut out of plain white card stock...it's a variation to look like candy canes and the larger nested ornament die is done with pea-nuckle. How he does it so evenly I'll never know. I put the card together and violĂ  another card ready for the Christmas mail. The dream stencil is paste embossed with glossy white paste and then sprinkled with red glitter.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Quick and/or Cute December's Challenge

DL3005 holly die
This beauty is once again from my friend Marj Marion. We have known each other many years and she has taught with our stencils in the Olympia Washington area for originally a store called Quackers and later it became Art 'N Soul. She has also been a wonderful resource for teaching two or three times in the UK for our distributor there. THANKS Marj  for sending me these special cards for the holidays...it has helped immensely with a busy out of control holiday schedule. Also she has sent some wonderful instructions and although they are in depth...don't be afraid, because they are easy to follow and after reading them through you'll know what to do. So...in her own words...here they are.



I use 140#, cold press watercolor paper. You can use the "pebbly" side, or the smoother side on the back side of the paper....it's your choice. It is handy to use a temporary rape runner adhesive to attach your panel to a scrap piece of text weight paper- something to hold onto!


Choose 2-4 colors of Distress Inks, and sponge on the colors in a random fashion. Cover most of the card with ink, but precision isn't necessary. Now, spray generous amounts of water on top of the ink let the excess water run around the paper, creating interesting patterns. You can use a heat tool to "move" the water and create nice edges and shapes with the colored water. When it's dry, you can add more Distress Inks with a sponge if you want more intense color. 

Also, you can rub Distress Ink pads down on a Craft Sheet, spray the ink with water, and use your finger or paint brush to mix and blend colors and water, creating droplets and tiny "puddles". Lay your colored W/C panel on these droplets, and press the panel onto the droplets. Dry, and repeat. You will create even more interesting patterns of diluted ink on your panel. If you want to lighten the colors on your panel, it is possible to dribble little droplets of water on the panel, let them soak for a bit, and then "move" them around with the heat tool, or blot with a paper towel to remove some of the color you first applied.

Die Cutting: 

Decide on the placement of your die, leaving room for a stamped message or embellishments. Be sure your paper is dry. Use removable tape to secure the die to your panel, and die cut your design. Save the positive die cut to use on another project.

On a clean piece of W/C paper, die cut your design again, to create a "clean" die cut to color. Use finger daubers and Distress Pad, or Distress Markers, color the die cut as desired, making sure there is some contrast in color with your inked panel. Notice that the holly die (DL3005) in this sample is darker. You can also pat Distress Ink on the Craft Sheet and use a small paint brush to color your die cut.


Cut a piece of computer paper large enough to cover the back of the die cut opening. Cover all of this scrap with tape runner adhesive. Place the sticky side of your scrap paper onto the back of the W/C panel. You will see tape runner adhesive exposed in the open areas of the die cut. Carefully fit your colored, positive die cut shape into the opening, fitting it in exactly, sort of like a puzzle piece going in . Now, glue your W/C panel to an accent panel. Add bling or embellishments like the red ribbon in this sample. Glue your panel to a folded card of choice.

Alternate W/C Methods:

1. Pat or rub Distress Ink pads on the Craft Sheet, spray with water, and swish W/C paper around on the droplets
2. Cover the W/C panel with scribbles from Distress Markers, and proceed as above to spray and move the colored water around on the panel.
3. Create watercolor backgrounds with Twinkling H2O's, Inka Gold, or any watercolor paints, and proceed. Noe that these may not dilute and "run" as well as Distress Inks, but you can follow the same technique with many things getting different results.

Have fun with this technique!

(Thank you Marj for helping me with these beautiful samples recently and detailed instructions when my holidays are so busy!)

NOW...please take time to see what my wonderful team is up to and leave some comments today for Marj and visit the team and please leave them some encouragement as well.

Remember we love it when you join the challenge, but if you don't have a blog and would like to email me your creation I will place it here on my blog. This week Rose Svendsen from Nova Scotia is sending me her creation....here it is and thank you Rose for all of your participation over the years. He fits our quick and cute doesn't he. Paste-embossed penguin stencil (LS84) using black embossing paste (DMBP) on white glittered double sticky tape, then black glitter is added to the wet paste. So simple Rose! Great easy to do creation for the holidays! A few embellishments and he is ready to pop in the mail.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Zensdays with Lynell and Wayne #6

The diva's challenge #197 is presented by Laura Harms...she is back in the saddle again, welcome back! Glad your little guy is feeling better. The challenge this week is a new tangle by Molly Hollibaugh and it is called ARUKAS (which btw is Sakura spelled backwards). To see the step by step and to see more about the challenge and what Laura has designed click HERE

Manger is paste-embossed with stencil LL334 
Well this is the time of year that is wild for our schedules! Most of you know exactly what I mean. Because I am trying to post several different things today and Christmas is getting closer and closer (has it ever gotten farther and farther?...LOL) anyway Wayne has helped me with this one. My desk is deep in arukas gone astray, so he helped me do the aruka (a great teacher and tangler) this week and I made it into a ZIA/Christmas card (...tis the season). We're a pretty good team that way. If you would like to see his beautiful arukas creation click HERE to go to his Flickr account.

Also I am showing a stentangle creation below by a facebook friend, Lilian. She was kind enough to share a story. Here in her own words is how she discovered stencils and "zentangle" and what she is doing to enrich others lives.

My name is Lilian Soegaard Wogensen, I live in Denmark and am 65 y.o.
I was first introduced to  Zentanglec ca.  3 month ago, and since I have been tangling tangling....
I had to own  "all " zentangle books  and  while reading I got to know about  Dreamweawer's stencils..
They were hard to find in Denmark, but I finally found Stampman in UK, and now I own 8 stencils and want more more....
I make cards and pictures with them in my own style... I never had made cards before....now I think cards/zentangle day and night  !!!

 There is a little story about the use of the umbrella stencil : 
I am a socialworker in a creative shop under a social institution called the Umbrella..
therefor I make cards with  the umbrella stencil as a motiv in different designs, and sell them in the shop, and the money is used for helping people back to life again...

Thank you Lilian for sharing...it sounds like such a worthy cause and I am glad you found something that helps others AND you can also enjoy zen at the same time. Wishing you the best with your cardmaking endeavors! Click HERE to see her umbrella creations.

Here is a card that Lilian made with the apron stencil:

Here are a few more ZIA cards for Christmas, these are collaborations with Wayne:

Stentangle work by Wayne/Card design by Lynell

Merry Christmas Stencil
Nested stocking
Chevron Stencil
Glossy Black Embossing Paste DGKP

Tangles used:
Bed of Roses

For step-by-step instructions 
on the tangles visit:

Small stockings by Wayne/Lg stocking by Lynell

Nested Stocking dies (DG692)
Happy Christmas stencil (LM203)
Matte Black paste (DMBP)

Tangle Patterns used:
Large stocking-Holly and Cubine
Sm stockings-

For step-by-step instructions on
the tangles visit:

Thursday, December 4, 2014

DECEMBER Challenge: Quick and/or Cute

In a flurry of a hurry? This month the Dream Team are all about the Quick and/or Cute...whether that be cards, gifts, wrapping, or tags...we have sleigh-loads of ideas! Play along by posting your creations using the Inlinkz tool on the Dream It Up! blog, for a chance to win the stencil of your choice, and a possible bonus stencil for using Dreamweaver products in your Quick and/or Cute project!

Once again life has been wild wild wild and my wonderful friend Marj Marion sent me a couple of cards made with the embossing folders that really inspired me...thank you so much Marj. 

Marj live in the Olympia WA area and occasionally works at the wonderful stamp store Art 'N Soul. She has great following of stenciling and creative card making students that take every class she plans. Here are two cards that are super easy to make for the holidays...in fact I am a bit behind on my own creations so I look forward to using the new embossing folders too.

This is such a classy looking card, Marj! The Holiday Greetings embossing folder (FJ917) was dry embossed through the machine and then the berries were done with a gold pearl pen. The decorative border on either side of the sentiment was done with a decorative washi tape.

Beautifully and quickly done for those last minute cards.

Here in her words is how she accomplished this second card...yes it is done very simply and elegantly:

" Dry emboss the silver panel in the Peace on Earth folder (FG663). Trim it closely to the design. Adhere it to a black layer, and trim, leaving and 1/8" border of the black. Attach silver scroll Washi tape and decorated panel as shown. Attach two black rhinestones at the top two corners. Tie a gentle overhand know with the silver/black ribbon; adhere it to the card with glue dots."

Don't forget our design team is sharing today too, so leave some love here for Marj and be sure to visit the team and leave a comment or two for them as well. 

Read on to hear about our winners for the thankful and thoughtful challenge of November. We have three winners this month...one from overseas, one from here and another winner that has used the Dreamweaver Products in their challenge project. 

Oak Leaf and Maple leaf stencils (LL3043 and LL3044)


Our first winner is from Norway #37 Ionabunny
Our second winner is #28 Craftygirl21
Our third winner is #36 Karen Ballentine

If you used Dreamweaver Products in your creation you can choose two stencils, so Karen Ballentine gets to choose an extra stencil. Please choose your favorite stencil from our site and email me your snail mail addy lynell@dreamweaverstencils.com

OK...one more fun thing for those of you that stopped by and didn't win. The first ten people who email me their snail mail addy...I will send you one of my favorite stencils with a card that I have made from the stencil. BUT you have to email me before Monday!

Now please see what the team has been up to:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Zensdays with Lynell and Wayne #5

Creation #1: The Diva's Challenge #196

This week's challenge at the diva's site is presented by Emily Classon CZT. Be sure to visit the diva's site to follow and see what everyone is creating....truly mind bloggeling, (you can even join in the challenge) click HERE.

And here is what Emily has challenged us with in her own words:

"I invite you to be inspired by dolls like I have been.  Awaken your inner child, and add some playtime to your tangling with a doll-shaped string, a tangled paper doll chain, or a tangled fabric doll.  Do you have an old Barbie stuck in a trunk somewhere?  I bet there’s a way to tangle her too."

Today my doll inspiration came from the apron stencil (LG736) and I CASEd Wendy Jordan's beautiful creation from Suzanne McNeil's book Zentangle 6. Ms. Suzanne was kind and used many of our stencils in her book to create ZIA projects. Stencils are a different way of drawing the strings for your patterns.

Doing the apron did remind me of cutting out paper doll clothes while growing up in the 60s. 

Several of the tangles are also from Suzanne's book. But these are also the following tangles: 
flying geese, leaflet, cockles and mussels are on the pocket, shattuck, and several that are quilt type of patterns. Remember that you can also create your own patterns like Suzanne did.

For information on how to do some of the tangles above go to tanglepatterns.com to find step-
by-step instructions.

This is not a traditional tile, but rather what is considered a ZIA or Zentangle inspired art. I made the apron tangle-ation into a greeting card with a black and white satin ribbon for an embellishment that I found at the local craft store and some black buttons as well.

To see Wayne's fabulous tangleation for this challenge you can go to his flickr site by clicking HERE.

As I got older I became a bit of a doll collector...my sister was an influence, but as you go to the diva's site and see what people have created a couple of people did the Matryoshka nesting dolls that are a very famous Russian doll...click HERE to see Sue's creation. Several years ago my friend, Shirley Day, famous theorem painter from Mass. visited me and we attended the Society for Decorative Painters Convention in San Diego together. At one of the booths were Russian decorative painters selling their fabulous creations and I couldn't resist purchasing a nested set for my doll collection. Imagine creating with brushes that have just a few sable 
bristles to do this wonderful work...here are a couple of pictures:

  Creation #2: Zentangle Quilt (#5)

This quilt design was one that I did when Wayne and I got quilt crazy a few weeks ago. The tangle design is 4 corners by Barbara Finwall and click HERE to go to tangle patterns and discover her steps and variations on the design. I started by using a stencil to make the quilt grid (LJ811). If you don't have a metal stencil like this one you can draw a grid. After I tangled the grid, I colored it in with my ancient Prisma color pencils and then put the stencil back on and daubed on a clear ink and clear embossing powder. Final step is to heat the powder to make the finish raised and shiny. If you are interested in a free instruction sheet on the technique email me and I will send you the pdf of steps. lynell@dreamweaverstencils.com

Creation #3: Another Christmas Card by Wayne and moi. This time in a very non-traditional Christmas colorway.

Materials: Checkered Paper and Micron 01 pen LS26 snowflake stencil, matte black embossing paste, DG674 ornament die

Tangles used from top to bottom: Cadent and Yew dee

Be sure to pop back tomorrow to see what our new challenge is for the month of December and view the winners for the month of November's challenge.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving/Thankful and Thoughtful Monthly Challenge

Ok...a bit late here on my Thanksgiving Day post. I will make it short and to the point...I am thankful for all the thoughtful friends and design team members who work so hard each week to help us present these stencil creations in the best possible light.

The card today is a CASEd card that I created. Louise Healy created a beautiful card about a month ago showcasing this oak leaf stencil (LL3043) and the bare tree die (DX7020) and I also used the dual alphabet die (DD005).  

Here is her card that I CASEd....I used the same molten magic technique as well! Thanks Louise! I am grateful for all your beautiful work and inspiration.

Just a couple more days to post your thankful and thoughtful creation and then we have a very open challenge for the month of December. Be sure to visit all the team to see what they have been up to this week and be thoughtful and leaf them a nice comment to cheer them on. Thank you too Linda Neff for all the beauty that you have shared with us...this guest designer is mega talented!

ALSO ....posting a card for Rose from Nova Scotia! She says it's done with embossing paste, then stenciled with distress inks and added clear embossing powder and heated it. This is a technique called faux cloisonné. If anyone is interested in the instruction flyer email me and I will send out to you. lynell@dreamweaverstencils.com

Thank YOU Rose for the added card...what a beauty! I will add you to the challenge list for a chance at the random winning! For those of you who might not have a blog email me your creations and I will try to work them into a post so you can have a chance to win as well!

And here is a card from Gail in Norway...a slider card...I had never heard of them and a link to her blog HERE to see her post...she was not able to post it because the challenge was closed, but  I would definitely like to share it:
Gail used LJ838 Dreamweaver's wave stencil as an icy slope for her slider card!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Zensdays with Lynell and Wayne #4

Creation #1

Today our first creation is the Diva's Challenge #195. Laura Harms (the diva) is taking some time off and guest designer Sandy Hunter has challenged us with the following...in her own words:

Imagine your favorite go-to tangle pattern. Something you love; something you draw all the time. Is it a grid-based pattern? Or is it a ‘scatter’ pattern, that you can just use randomly to fill up a space? If nothing comes immediately to mind, go poke around on tanglepatterns.com …or pinterest. They’re gold mines for tangle patterns. 

Here’s the challenge: 
If you picked a grid-based pattern, pull it out of the grid and make it a freeform one. 
If it’s a freeform pattern, make it a grid-based pattern. That could mean several rows or a single row, drawn as a border.

The idea is to change the structure of a pattern, while still retaining its basic elements. Don’t worry about getting every part of it exactly “right”. If you’re having a good time and you’re drawing something you like, it’s perfect. 

Also if you have time to see some of her go-to tangle patterns and how she altered them from grid based to free form click HERE to see more about this guest designer on the Diva's site.

I haven't been tangling long enough to have a "go-to" pattern, but last week Wayne and I did a quilt using the grid based pattern Telis by Chrissie Frampton. If you want to see that quilt click HERE. It was great for the faux ceramic tile/quilt design and I do think it lends itself to free-form organic type of design work as well.

I am hoping that now that I've practiced this I can work with it more in  an actual tile. Thank you Sandy for such an interesting concept and challenge, as time permits I will play some more. 

Wayne posts his Diva Challenge work on his Flickr account each week, so you can check out his #195 challenge work there.

Creation #2:

The next creation is a ZIA (Zentangle inspired art). When we first started posting on Zensday Wednesdays I did the diva's challenge and turned it into a quilt design, using a grid type of stencil that we designed many years ago to use for a technique called faux ceramic tile. We have done a different quilt design each week since Zensday #1 and today I am posting one of Wayne's quilts using a tangle pattern called Tesali.
Grid stencil LJ811 used with tangle pattern TESALI

Creations #3 and #4: by Wayne for Christmas Cards:

 Zentangle patterns used: top to bottom

Variation of Veezley and Lanie
Variation of Yew-Dee

For step-by-step information on how to achieve these patterns go to www.tanglepatterns.com 

Zentangle patterns used: top to bottom

Combo of Dex and Deco

Materials used on both of these cards are the nested ornament die (DG674) and ink pads were used to stencil the color onto the paper ornaments. Then the word peace was a stencil from our comfort word stencil (LG696) and paste embossed with the matte black embossing paste (DMBP).

We are just finishing up our thankful/thoughtful card challenge Nov 30, our last post for this is Thursday....so come by tomorrow and see what the Dreamweaver design team is up to. They do such beautiful work and also see what others are doing for the challenge AND please cheer them on...they all work so hard and do such beautiful work that it's nice to leave them a comment or two along the way.