Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Halloween with Smeared and Smudged-Day One

The Dream Team are dipping their fingers into all things spooky, creepy, and scary, as we play along with the Smeared and Smudged 31 Days of Halloween. The team will be taking turns to fill the quota of 31 days on the Dream It Up! blog, and posting on their own blogs as well. Be sure to leave them lots of love as this is truly a challenge for many of them! Here is today's post from Alison (who frankly, got us all into this craziness!).

Alison used the Jack O Lanterns stencil for the focus of her card. She applied glossy black embossing paste to the stencil once it was taped down, and added glitter while the paste was still wet.

Alison had just the right paper (from Martha Stewart) for her background, with a cool chevron stripe paper scrap from DCWV, She decided that she needed a sentiment, and pulled one from her Inkadinkado collection. It reads, "Smile you trickster." Perfect for these Jacks!

The carsdtock that has the sentiment was just plain white, and frankly, too boring for Alison, so she decided to use one of our newest stencils, the Chevron Background (LX 7026). This is one of our largest stencils, so she really used only a tiny piece around her sentiment, but it was just what the doctor ordered.

The Smeared and Smudged site is offering prizes each day of the month by a long list of sponsors...Dreamweaver being one of them, but we are also offering one stencil to one lucky commenter on the Dream It Up! blog each day of the month! So, leave your comment below before heading over the Smeared and Smudged blog to view all of the other creepiness! The full list of the Wicked Bloggers is over on in our side bar. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Christmas and the Holidays Challenge/This week...."the holidays"

The center leaf is first paste-embossed using the metallic gold embossing on to know more.
This month we are showcasing some of our new holiday stencils and dies. Some of you were wondering what our theme is and we are excited to have you play along. The challenge is open to interpretation for a Holiday extravaganza. Our new designs include Christmas and Fall holidays. Just want to let you in on a bit of our blog history and how we work our challenges....when we first started our blog we encouraged people to design with our stencils. But we discovered that a lot of people who did cardmaking and crafting didn't have we changed up our requirements for the challenges to general cardmaking including using stamps. However things are achangin' and many people are stencil savvy. So next month we will be doing something to include both stencils and stamps.... also every once in awhile I have something different on my blog to see if you are paying attention and I have a random drawing for those who are leaving comments. Today I have something for the Zentangle artists out there. For those of you that are regulars you know that Wayne and I are a team when it comes to his Zentangle work on my blog. I create and render the card creation and Wayne does the sten-tangleation. This week if you are a zentangle enthusiast leave a comment and tell me what zentangle pattern you might like to use on these leaves. A single commenter will be randomly chosen for one of the new stencils of the leaf designs. Now here's how we did today's card...

I used the Color Solution Alcohol Inks to do the background first. It was done on digital cardstock that has a glossy type of finish. You can either squirt several alcohol ink colors and the thinner/cleaner onto your craft mat and then lay the paper on top and move it around or you can squirt the Color Solution Ink and thinner/cleaner on top of the paper and place a second piece onto that and smear the colors together. Both methods give some great results. Here is a sampling of the actual colors we have:

Next I traced the new oak leaf stencil (LL3043) onto the dried Color Solution inked card using an 01 size micron pen by Sakura, leaving a gap between those two outlined leaves. I then paste-embossed the maple leaf stencil (LL3044) using Dreamweaver Gold Embossing Paste (DGP) in the center of these outlined outer oak leaves and once this maple leaf was dry (about 30 minutes....I set mine on a warming pan to hasten the drying time to about 15 minutes), Wayne worked his magic by creating the tangleation with three different tangle patterns on the three leaves. The center tangle on the paste embossed gold leaf is a pattern called "betweed", the one on the left oak leaf is a pattern called "fassett" and the third main pattern on the right leaf is called "yincut". You can go to Linda Farmer's site, to learn the step-by-step process of those three patterns. Wayne is amazing...he is an organized type of person and often chooses grid based patterns to work with. I love what he does and although I love the grid based patterns I am also very attracted to the organic patterns that he works with occasionally too. There is definitely something for everyone when it comes to this innovative art form. Wayne became a certified Zentangle instructor (CZT) and has encouraged me to do so as well. I am not quite there yet, but I do occasionally sit down and work with him, tangling away sometimes. In October we will be at the store Art 'n Soul in Lacey, Washington. The owners of that store do wonderful things with Zentangle and Wayne and I have been asked to demonstrate and teach for an annual Christmas event. Perhaps we will see some of you there.

Next Thursday on the blog: Happy Hallowthanksmas! 

And the team will also be doing 31 days of Halloween. 

We will announce this month's challenge winners on the first Thursday in October.

We choose two random winners from your challenge postings each from the USA and one from another country (I've noticed we have a lot of UK challenge posts and many are using stencils, WOW! ....Great works of art!) Here is a picture from two UK winners that have won for their comments on the Woodware blog hop last month. Meet Diane and Julie! Thanks Diane for sending a picture. Looks like Julie is already creating for the next challenge. YAYA!

Now don't forget to visit the Dream it UP team this week to see what beauties they have created. We have been blessed this month to have guest designer Wendy Price joinng us. It is the highlight of my Thursdays seeing their creations. Please leave some comments for them because I think that is also one of the reasons they do this work for so little. We love to have the feedback.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Christmas and the Holidays/Challenge for September

Where did the summer go? Kids are back in school, with all the insanity that goes with it, vacations are a not-so-distant memory, and it is once again time to get busy with the important things in life...crafting for the holidays! Yay! All of September the Dream Team will be featuring all the new goodies we have for the "Most wonderful time of the year", the fall and winter holiday season. New stencil designs, new dies, and...brand new, soon-to-be-released embossing folders featuring some of our top-selling designs, all to be found on-line through the Stencil with Style web-site, or your local papercrafting store.

Here's my holiday inspiration for this week:

Well as you can see I am using more of the background papers that I did last month using our Color Solution Alcohol Inks.  However today I am showing you one of the new stencils... the tall poinsettia stencil (LL3046).

The technique is Molten Magic, I love this technique because you can use any of the glossy embossing pastes and because it requires heating it with a heat gun it is dry almost immediately and ready to put into the mail. So this is another Christmas card creation that can be done very quickly. The only time consuming part is tying that crazy bow...never have been able to render a bow like I want it...LOL!

Here is Molten Magic step-by-step:

1. Paste-emboss the poinsettia (LL3046) with the Metallic Gold Embossing Paste.(DGP).

2. While the paste is still wet sprinkle the centers with "Goldfinch" Metallic F/X. Sprinkle the leaves with Forest and Kiwi Metallic F/X and the flower with Purple Satin and Kimono Red Metallic F/X.

3. Tap off the excess powder into a waste basket.

4. Heat with a hot heat gun. The light weight heat guns won't work you will need a higher powered heat gun. Only heat until it starts to bubble and move the gun immediately to an area that hasn't bubbled yet. Keep the gun moving so that it doesn't burn your paper.

5. Repeat the process on the BELIEVE stencil (LM224) using the same gold paste and then sprinkle it with Goldfinch Metallic F/X and heat it until it bubbles. Finer lined stencils like the believe stencil are going to heat up more quickly, be careful that you don't overheat it.

Please take the time to visit the dream team listed below and leave some love in the way of a comment or two. I have the best design team in the whole world. (No brag just fact). And then make a wonderful card and link your creation below.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Christmas and the Holidays Challenge/Week#2

Where did the summer go? Kids are back in school, with all the insanity that goes with it, vacations are a not-so-distant memory, and it is once again time to get busy with the important things in life...crafting for the holidays! Yay! All of September the Dream Team will be featuring all the new goodies we have for the "Most wonderful time of the year", the fall and winter holiday season. New stencil designs, new dies, and...brand new, soon-to-be-released embossing folders featuring some of our top-selling designs, all to be found on-line through the Stencil with Style web-site, or your local papercrafting store.

Here's my holiday inspiration for this week:

Because I am traveling this month, Rebekka B helped me with another design collaboration. Thanks Rebekka! She is making multiples of this one so the retail stores which carry our stencils and dies can have them to show customers....YOU. We did one of my favorite techniques on this one....Double Glitter. Plus, this time around we also used two of our new designs. We have had the stocking design as a stencil for a long time, but now we have it the same stocking as a die (DG692). This stocking comes nested with two other stockings and the largest is the one you see here and is a good size for a card. After doing the double glitter technique with the large dot stencil twice...the first time with red dots and a green background and the second time with green dots and a red background....the glittery decorative paper was die cut with the new stocking die on both papers. Use one paper for the top of the stocking and the other color for the bottom of the stocking.

The other new design is a chevron background stencil (LX7026) and it was paste-embossed onto black cardstock using the Glossy White Embossing Paste (DGWP) then it was set aside to dry. My tip for faster drying time of your paste-embossed pieces is to set the wet items onto a warming pan for food, or an old electric skillet or electric pancake griddle using the lowest heat setting on the appliance.

A final embellishment is the BELIEVE stencil (LM224) paste-embossed onto a black cardstock cut into a ribbon shape and while the paste is still wet it was sprinkled with opaque glitter. One advantage to using opaque glitter is  that you can use any color of embossing paste under the glitter. I happened to have Metallic Gold Embossing Paste (DGP) on hand so that paste was used. A simple 3/8" satin black ribbon added the final touch....elegant yet fun at the same time. 

Click HERE to see a video I did for a television show called Scrapbook Soup showing how to do the double glitter technique.

Now take time to visit the rest of the team, as well as our guest designer for this month, and see what wonderful holiday cards they've created this week. Don't forget to link your challenge creations for a chance to be one of two random winners for September.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Christmas and the Holidays/New Designs...New Challenge/+Winners

My creation for the first week of our September challenge uses one of our classic designs, the poinsettia (LG700) together with our new dual alphabet dies (DD005). I have been having so much fun with the alphabet and the caddie that holds it, that I couldn't resist sharing it with you. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to discover the winners for August as an Adjective. 

This card couldn't be more simple to do for the upcoming holidays. I cut black linen cardstock and stenciled the poinsettia with Versacraft White ink (by imagine crafts). You can either stipple or rouge the white colored ink using a large stencil brush (NHB 3/4"). It will give you very different results, but both beautiful. Then I squirted a daub of Brilliance from a bottle of re-inker (coral) onto my craft mat. Use the same large stencil brush and load the pink or coral color into it, you may need to rub it into a paper towel a few times to work the color around so that it is all over the tips of the bristles. Also off-load the wet ink just a bit into a dry paper towel. Next stipple this pinkish color onto the now white poinsettia. Doing this will give a speckled looking effect to the design....very similar to some of the recent hybridizations of the red and white poinsettias I have been seeing the past couple of years during the holidays.

Cut out the letters  "J-O-Y" with the dual alpha dies (DD005) and remove the inner alphas out of the rectangular alphabet shape of each letter, set them aside to use on some of your cards. Angle them randomly on the right side of the card. I like to put double sticky paper onto my cardstock before I run the dies through the machine, this way the letters automatically have sticky backing on them. Glue crystals or sequins or brads into the center of the flower. My favorite glue for crystals is Gem-Tac by Beacon Adhesives.

I was so amazed at how quickly this card went together and as it gets closer to the holidays that is something that is essential for making the greeting cards fun to do.

Click HERE to see my post in July...all about different ways to use your dual alphabet and caddie.

The two random winners for our "August as an Adjective" challenge are:


So send me an email with your favorite stencil request and we will get that to you ASAP!

Now be sure to visit the team that is posting this week ...listed belowl, along with our special Guest Designer for the month of September, Wendy Price. They work hard for Dreamweaver Stencils and we would love to have you leave them some love in the way of a comment or two.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

August as an Adjective: +2 more winners for the Woodware Blog hop

MAY ARTS RIBBON (RA09) wired....+ New stencil jellyfish (LG758)
Well, it is the last week of our August as an Adjective challenge! The team has been doing some very dignified work and some of you have braved the challenge and shared some most "august" cards and scrapbook layouts. THANK YOU! have a couple more days to post for the challenge. Last week we announced two of our Woodware blog hop winners and told you to check back for the reveal of two more ....chosen by the Woodware see the reveal scroll to the bottom of this post.

Today I am continuing my work with the Color Solution Alcohol Ink backgrounds....inspired by my work a couple of weeks ago (colors used are iceberg, noble fir and a touch of sugarplum)...see my tutorial HERE. Then I am introducing this new stencil which is a MOST "august" sea creature (LG758) extraordinaire....the jellyfish! In creating the card I read up a bit on this miraculous critter and discovered that they aren't always painful to humans. This one isn't dangerous at all!!!

This card was so simply done. Molten Magic is a technique that is one of my favorites when teaching beginners how to work with the embossing pastes. I began by paste-embossing on top of the aquatic colored cardstock using the Pearlescent Embossing Paste (DPP). While this paste is still wet I sprinkled three colors of Metallic F/X (glacier, pixie blush and gold dust). The next step is to tap off the excess powder and while it is still wet (this won't work if it's dry) heat the entire design with a very hot heat gun. ( I have several Ranger heat guns which I absolutely love for most of my heat work, but this needs to be done with a HOT gun like a Marvy or Milwaukee heat gun.) One reason I like the Ranger gun is that it gives an even heat and isn't super LOUD!!! But for this one you need to bring on the "big guns". For the final touch, once the design is dry and bubbled take a Swiffer dust cloth and sweep up the excess powders from your background then you are ready to embellish with the shells, sand, May Arts Ribbon (RA09), etc.

You won't find the jellyfish stencil quite yet in your favorite store, but if you are traveling to Hawaii I will be using this design and technique in a class on Oahu and selling him at the Hawaii Woman Expo at the Neal Blaisdell Center September 5-7. Email if you are wanting more information regarding the class or show hours...hope to see you there:


Remember I said Dorothy Adam, leader of the Woodware team, would be choosing another winner from their blogs across the pond. Well she chose two just as we did and here they are! 

Julie Staves 
Elena Chamberlain

email me your snail mail addys and we will get your stencil/die packet out to you post haste!

Now take time to visit the team listed below to see what August as an Adjective means to them. And come back and join our challenge...this is a good month to give it a try...not too many have joined the challenge, so the odds are in your favor of being our random winner. Sign up with inlinkz before September 1.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

August as an Adjective Challenge/ Week #3 Plus Woodware Blog Hop Winners

This past week we had the pleasure of hopping with our friends at Woodware in the UK! ...such fun. I enjoyed every minute and would like to thank each and everyone of you for the lovely comments. Below are listed the two winners chosen from the blogs on this side of the "pond" and in a couple of days a winner will be chosen from the blogs of the Woodware team as well! Watch the Woodware blog for notice of the third winner!

Our random winners are:
arlsmom aka as Lynda

We will send you your package of winnings when you email me your snail mail address to:

LJ889 Large Thinking of You and LJ919 Flourish

As we are heading towards back-to-school again, it is only appropriate that we break out our dictionary for this month's Dreamweaver challenge..."AUGUST as an ADJECTIVE"! 
Merriam-Webster defines august as, "marked by majestic dignity or grandeur"....there were several other descriptions too and the word elegant also came into play. Now, I don't know just how dignified and stately the Dream Team can become for an entire month, but we are all going to give it a try! How about trying along with us, and linking YOUR creations to the inlinkz tool below for a chance to win the wildest stencil design your little heart is screaming for.

Today I am posting two cards...I did this first one and then former design team member Heidi Erickson did the second one. I thought they were interesting because one is black cardstock with silver paste and the other is white cardstock with silver paste, both very dignified in their own way.

Isn't it amazing how some of the most elegant creations are actually the most simple? This dignified creation was simply paste-embossed with the metallic Silver Embossing Paste (DSP) and sprinkled with silver glitter. The stencils used were the LJ889 Large Thinking of You which has an art nouveau style border, but the second stencil here the LJ919 corner is also considered an art nouveau design. I really feel that the time period in design history considered "art nouveau" is one of the most elegant or August.

LJ909 small cathedral windows with LL3034 Your wedding
This background is done with a stencil even though it looks like an embossing folder design. The stencils are very easily used to dry emboss using the Big Shot or Cuttlebug or other types of embossing machines. The whole trick is the way you stack the stencil with the plates of your machine. Some people have complained that they ruin the stencils, but it is just a simple trick of keeping the stencil away from the rollers on the machine. Here is the formula: 

1.   First place the stencil onto the thick white plate of your embossing machine, face down. 

2.   Next place the paper on the top of the stencil and if you have a small spray bottle with some rubbing alcohol in it..this is the time to spritz a bit onto the back of the paper. 

3.   The last step is to use a thick rubber embossing mat on top of the sprayed paper...followed by two of the acrylic plates that come with the machine. If you are using the Big Shot do NOT put the tabs under the thick white plate, but rather let them follow through behind. 

Please see what our team has been up to this week in the way of "August as an Adjective" designing and give them some encouragement with a comment or two. Please join us and link your creation below for a chance to win that stencil of choice!