Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Double Glitter Valentine

Kristi Van Doren used two different techniques on this Valentine. The Happy Valentine's Day stencil (LM241) was effectively yet simply done by paste-embossing the Glossy Black Embossing Paste (DGKP) onto the coral pink cardstock and the upper part of the card was done with the double sided mounting paper (MPDS), this paper is sometimes referred to as JAC paper and the Oval Lace Doily stencil (LJ836) using the double glitter technique. Remember to smooth the natural Hawaiian Handmade Soap (DHHS) onto the back of the doily stencil so that it will not attach to the sticky mounting paper and bend your stencil. If you have little crumbs of soap in the holes of the stencil use a large 3/4" stencil brush (NHB-3/4") to rub the soap out of the holes and make it smoother on the back of the stencil. A silver glitter was sprinkled all over the exposed sticky paper and once the stencil was removed the lace area was filled in with a beautiful red coral glitter. The lace border divided the two techniques for a unique embellishment to finish the card. If you are interested in the instructions for the Double Glitter Technique email me at


Marijane said...

Very pretty Kristi! The glossy black paste really pops. I am always amazed at how striking that paste looks. Its like wearing a pair of patent leather shoes - they make any outfit look special!

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