Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sing Hallelujah!

Hallelujah! This card is saying how I feel tonight about the Dreamweaver Dream Team. The team's new challenge cards are starting to come in and some of the team members are starting to post these on their blogs. (Be sure to take a look...their blog links are listed here on my site.) I am so excited about all the new things I have to show you, but for the next week I will be showcasing a "last Hurrah" to cards made by the team this summer. Next I will give just a bit of a tease for things to come. "Shhh...don't tell anyone, they'll banish us you know"... (oh, my! sometimes I just can't get Emily Dickinson out of my head). Anyway, I digress, things to come...things to come. Oh, yeah! I was saying... look for something fun coming soon to our blogging team. Do you like good things to eat? What is sweet and spun from sugar and often pink? Like this pretty card made by Dream Team member Louise Healy.

I had to give her a bit of a talking to for tearing up an old hymnal, but the background is just so appropriate for the new Hallelujah stencil (LM2007) that I couldn't feel too bad. (I used to collect old hymnals.) She gently brushed a brown ink across the paper to antique it a bit more, even though it really is from an old hymnal I think the antiquing really adds to the overall aged effect. Next she pasted the word across a portion of torn page using the Pearlescent Embossing Paste. The string of pink beads seems to pull the torn pieces of music together. I do love this card. Anyone needing a lift would love getting this in the mail...I am trying to figure out how to reproduce the piece of music just in case I need to send a music loving friend a similar masterpiece. Any suggestions Louise?


Louise said...

Thanks Lynell, this hadn't turned out quite how I wanted so the pearls were my solution to pull it all together. The paste was actually Translucent because I wanted to do the Joseph's Coat technique. Instead of ripping a page out of a hymnal, you could photocopy it onto white cardstock, distress it a little to age it, then paste and ink. Of course you would have to copy it again for the background. You could use a music background stamp, but that wouldn't match!

Marijane said...

This card is hauntingly different with the contrast of light cheery pink and the distressed darker look. I too think the elements that make it work together are the pink pearls.

I also think you can get around tearing out a page in the book by copying, but old hymnals are so abundant in antique stores that more justice is done to it by turning it into beautiful art. Better that it sees the light of day again!

Kristi said...

so pretty! Love the pink and brown!!!

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