Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall is in the Air

The weather here has been horrendous (90s and 100s for a couple of weeks straight), but today I woke up to a soft rain and I don't think it got over 78 degrees, even though the sun came out in the late afternoon. Just wonderful to smell the air this evening and my thoughts are turning toward the autumn indian summer days ahead. Since my mind was on fall I decided to showcase this beautiful warm and whimsical feeling card by Dream Team member Georgia Sommers.

She paste embossed the falling leaves stencil (LL3004) with the yellow embossing paste and when they were dry she stenciled them with, green and red pigment inks and I love how she gently rouged just a bit of burnt sienna and warm green inks on the edges of the cardstock as well. One nice thing about using the yellow paste as a base is that you don't have to basecoat with yellow ink to achieve this wonderful warm look. The "inspire" stencil (LL405) is one of 3 small stencils that come in a set, each stencil has one word on it. This particular set says, "imagine inspire believe". She paste embossed "inspire" with the yellow paste and then added pigment ink after she repositioned the stencil on the dry design. I love the texture of the paper she worked is one of Hanko Designs beautiful Edo Kosome papers from Japan. You have to hold them in your hands to really appreciate them.


Kristi said...

pretty...ahhhhhhhhh autumn!

Marijane said...

Just beautiful! I love the falling leaves stencil.

Deborah March said...

Oooohhhh, GORGEOUS!! I can just FEEL those crisp leaves!

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