Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She's from the "Show Me State"

I have discovered that I am a visual learner, so when I teach I always tell my students, "I should have been born in the state of Missouri, because the motto on their license plate is "The Show Me State". Well, Kristi Van Doren is from Missouri and she can show you oodles of Crafty things. She is a crafter as well as a card artist and scrapbooker. Although she loves paper arts, she also has an affinity for jewelry making, beading, and other crafty endeavors.

Kristi paste embossed the mask stencil (LL538) with Glossy Black Embossing Paste onto the agate pendant. Next she used a waterfall method to apply the glitter. This means she held the pendant at more than a 45 degree angle and applied one color of glitter, starting from the bottom and going up so that the colors are kept separated. Each time she changed to the next color of glitter she would place a clean piece of paper under her work area to catch the excess glitter that fell off, so it would stay uncontaminated and could be reused. Once the piece was dry Kristi finished off this beautiful pendant by attaching the wire work with her jewelry making skills.

Come back and see Kristi's other projects or visit her blog too. Besides her many crafty interests she also writes a regular column for the Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine called, "Ask Kristi". Lots of good tips there.


Wendy said...

Now that is cool!!! Way to go Kristi!!!!!

Kristi said...

ty wendy and ty lynell for the great write up

Linda said...

Gorgeous Kristi, I love it! WAY TO GO!

La Creative Latina Diva said...

This is an incredible piece. Kristi is very talented.

Kristi said...

ty to you all! you make a girl feel good!

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