Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She's Called Nova Scotia

If you go to Deborah March's blog ....on the right hand side as you scroll downward is an opportunity to look at a video of Nova Scotia and Rita MacNeil's song "Shes Called Nova Scotia", plays as you watch the beauty of the country pass before you. If you don't have money to go abroad to see Europe, Ireland, the UK etc., maybe a trip to the Northeast would fulfill your desire to travel. This is a wonderful teaser to travel to Canada. Now if I could just work more time into my life we would be there in a jiffy! Thank you for such a beautiful opportunity to visit your country in pictures, Deborah. Many of you already know Deborah's work, she has had her work published more than 400 times. Also she has written many articles about stamping, stenciling, and many many variations on those themes. Take time to visit her blog. The card I have posted here is an invitation to go there and browse.

Now that you have met our inaugural design team please don't hesitate to visit their blogs, and at the bottom of each of the card samples is an opportunity for you to "comment". They love your encouragement. Many of these designers are also teacher's so don't hesitate to find out where they teach and support the craft. Today I am off to Michigan to do just that. If you are interested in a class I will be teaching at My Craft Room in Troy, MI on the 22nd, Stampeddler Plus in Northville on the 23rd, and Scrap Tales in Brighton MI on the 24th. Feel free to call these stores or email them to find out the details. While I am there I hope to have time to visit card artist Laura Drahozal too, it's a small small world.


Wendy said...

Beautiful!!!! This is so soft!!! I am in love with that background paper!!!

Kristi said...

love it all

Deborah March said...

Aawww, bless your American heart Lynell. Nova Scotia is my favourite place in the whole world, and I feel so blessed to live here! PLUS...I get to play with Dreamweaver toys (lol)...what more could a gal want!?

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