Sunday, May 17, 2015

P-Q-R Challenge for DC

Finally getting around to doing my alphabet challenge this week for Diane Clancy and Zandypant's weekly challenge. This week was PQR and I used Popsicles (the poppies), Quib (the greenery) and Riverstones.

I used a combination of coloring materials and when I do that it's always a learning experience. "Always be willing to try something new" is my motto and of course when you do that there are bound to be a few glitches. I think the part that is the hardest when applying color on top of the black ink is that it can make your ink a bit muddy, so I had to go over some areas a second time. I was using bristol board and it does pretty well with the watercolor pencils and accepting moisture, but if you get too rambunctious there can be issues....mine were a couple of overworked areas, but lessons learned and hopefully more patience will be in my future attempts. If I did the Riverstone tangle again I would make the stones more oval so they don't look quite so much like the tangle called Tipple. So that is what I learned. But one of the reasons I have been enjoying this particular challenge is that I can control what I do for tangles and I wanted to be pushed to try some different ones. So there you have it. 

If you want to see Wayne's P-Q-R alphabet click HERE. Just took a peek at it myself and am amazed. I am also planning on doing Toula Boula's card challenge for a loved one, so stop back later if you get the chance, and take time to see her blog and join the fun if you get the chance. Still haven't had the chance to try the tangles Static for Daniel's challenge, but I am still hoping to have time to try it. Thanks much for your encouraging comments.

A question for you that love color. Which watercolor pencils do you have and which do you like the best. I'd love to get some more of the Ink-tense, but they are pretty saturated pigment-wise. Love to have your feedback.


Anne's tangle blog said...

Wow, beautiful!!! I love the Inktence pencils but not always finf them easy to use.

Kailash said...

Just wanted to find out if/when will the winners for the showers to showers challenge be announced?

ionabunny said...

Hi Lynell, love the poppies. The river stones is a beautiful tangle. Love the bright colours you used. I have a set of very cheap watercolour pencils. I use a waterbrush with them and am pleased with the results mostly. I am a very poor colourer lol. Hugz

Lyn Bernatovich said...

Love this! Has a really colorfully modern appeal.

Joey said...

Wow this is really beautiful!
~ joey ~

Becky said...

I'm not sure how I managed to miss commenting on this earlier... I thought I had! Anyway, better late than never (that really needs to become my new motto, which is certainly better than "If I can avoid stepping in troll droppings it's a good day").
Aaaaaanyyyyyywaaaay.... This is truly mind-blowingly beautiful! I absolutely love, love, love the poppies... I'm a huge poppy fan and these are just so lovely!

When I use color I almost always do my black lines twice, once before and once after applying the color. Also, I love my inktense... you've gotta try the blocks too... it looks like I probably should get off my rump and start the review of those now that I know at least one person will read it! You might also like the graphitint pencils, although they are a tad bit unusual and can be interesting to learn to use, they do give a unique look to a piece once you get the hang of them.

dianeclancy said...

I totally LOVE this one!! It is amazing!! It is so pretty and the light on it is very striking!! :) Thank you for joining us!! :)

~ Diane Clancy

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