Thursday, April 23, 2015

Showers of Showers-Week Four

For the month of April, the Dream Team designers are featuring "Showers of Showers" as our theme. Showers could mean actual rains, mists or cloudy days. It could mean a physical element of your design (like a shower of embossing powder), or it could be showers of flowers, bouquets or candy and of course the obvious a baby shower or wedding shower or even a retirement shower (I'm sure there is such a thing). As usual, we'd love for you to play along. Just link your creation on the Dream It Up! blog for a chance to win the stencil of your choice...bonus chances for incorporating Dreamweaver and/or Stampendous in your design. Here's what I'm showering you with this week...

Yes, I went with the obvious this week...a wedding is coming and I need a special card. Wayne made this one using the bride stencil (LJ924). He traced the design with an 01 Micron Pen and used the following tangles: Florz for the outside of the skirt, Shattuck was the border of the skirt, Yincut for the center of the skirt, and Printemps for the bouquet and her hair. If you want to know more about how the tangles are drawn step-by-step go to Linda Farmer's site If you want to purchase stencils and micron pens go to

Last week I was in Oregon and we had a baby shower for our daughter. So I am sharing a card that I made for her shower. Sad to say it wasn't with stencils or stamps, but I enjoyed the process non-the-less and purchased paper and stickers at a local discount store to make it happen. I used what was at hand while traveling and was tickled with the results, so decided to share it with you:

This first picture is of the outside of the card. I had seen this on pinterest some time ago and tried to find it again to give credit, but when I did there were so many similar cards made and 'pinned' as baby cards that I couldn't figure out who to give credit to. So if you are the originator of this card I apologize. When I make a card which has a distinctive  design inspiration I like to CASE appropriately. CASE means "copy and say everything", in other words please give credit. So whoever came up with this idea I want you to know I really enjoyed the process. The easiest thing about this card is that it didn't require much for equipment and materials other than paper, a trimmer to cut the paper and a few stickers. Wayne helped me out by cutting the base of the chest by drawing a "bracket" or parenthesis symbol and then cutting through two layers of paper using an X-acto knife. You might also be able to use a frame die that you have in your stash. He also printed out the sentiment on the inside on a piece of vellum and I added a few more stickers around the words and again on the outside of the envelope.

My mom said she's never liked the portion of the saying, "puppy dog tails" in the little poem about "what boys are made of", so we changed it to "salamander tails" to go along with the appropriate sticker of a salamander or gecko or lizard or whatever that critter is to the left of the sentiment. Yes, the sentiment is a bit sexist and of course could be made for a little girl as well. I have a college degree in Biology and loved entomology, ichthyology, herpetology, and all those other "ologies" so of course it could be what a little girl is made of too. The white card in the background is actually the front of the envelope. 
I have really enjoyed this past year posting with the present design team. As they go forward there will be new things happening. Stampendous will be taking full responsibility for a different Dreamweaver blog in May/June. I will continue to have my Dream it UP blog and will occasionally post with their team. Wayne and I have started a weekly post called Zensdays (usually posted on Wednesdays) and will continue to tangle and "sten-tangle" and join different challenges throughout the week. So stay tuned, and for the next couple of weeks please show your gratitude to this wonderful team by visiting those members blogging this week and leave them some TLC in the way of an encouraging comment or two:

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Pam Hornschu said...

First of all...beautiful tangled bride, Wayne-Meister!
Lynell...this little card is too cute, and just a warning...very true! You never know what will come out of the pockets of little boys.

Louise said...

Love the bride, absolutely beautiful! The baby card is adorable! One more little thing about boys,,,you throw away a LOT of muddy socks!

ionabunny said...

Love your tangeled bride. So gorgeous. Hugz

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