Wednesday, February 18, 2015

ZENSdays With Wayne and Lynell #15

 Hi! Pam here, posting for this week's ZENSday inspiration, while Lynell is off to the UK on a teaching trip! No, neither of these creations were done by me. Both were tangled by our Certified Zentangle expert, Wayne, before Lynell finished his creations off as cards. Actually, both are beautiful enough to be framed works of art in my opinion.

The top shows off what makes the ZEN Flower stencil so's a wonderful way to practice your tangles and doodles. Nice little areas, and plenty of them. The stencil design was first paste-embossed in Glossy White, and once dry, provides the perfect surface to tangle on. I find it so fascinating to see how many varieties of Zentangle patterns there are, and yet these Certified artists are constantly creating new ones.

For example, I've been looking at both the Zen Flower designs above, and the Open Owl design below, and cannot see where any of the tangles were replicated in the other's design!

If you've been doodling for years, you'll find that many of the Dreamweaver Stencil designs are perfect to add your patterns to, without having to create any shapes to work them into. Especially the designs that are referred to as "Open", such as the Open Owl, Open Elephant, Open Butterfly, Open Bird. So...if you are OPEN to creativity, you'll want to get oodles of these designs for your doodles. And tangles of course.


ionabunny said...

Love the flower, so dimensional. Ooh look, that cute owl again. Love it. Hugz

Lyn Bernatovich said...

Wonderful examples of Dreamweaver meets Zentangle!!!!

Janice K said...

Amazing examples, real works of art.

Katia said...

beautiful card!

Viki Banaszak said...

I love the owl. His belly makes me think of HoHo's...ok, I might be a little hungry. LOL The flower is great too.

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