Thursday, May 15, 2014

More Fauna/Flora in the month of MAY....

Wayne "sten-tangled" this elephant stencil design (LG756)
It's another week in our month of May Challenge of ...all things Fauna and/or Flora. Please join us by linking your creation below.

If you are an elephant collector or a fan of these larger creatures you will want to have this stencil design.

Wayne Harlow is the designer of the stencil and the Sten-tangle creation that you see here.

He began by wetting 140 pound hot press watercolor paper. Hot press usually has a smoother finish than cold press, so the micron pens glide more smoothly on the surface while tangling. Then he laid down a wash of blue and purple watercolors using a large natural bristle watercolor brush. (I know that isn't very descriptive...not sure of the size, just LARGE). While this was still wet he sprinkled it with kosher salt, which has larger chunks than your usual table salt. Then he set it aside to dry well. When it was dry he brushed off the remaining salt crystals, centered the elephant stencil (LG756), and traced it with an 01 Sakura Micron pen. Because of the stronger colors behind his work he chose stronger tangle patterns to adorn the surface. When asked which size of pens he uses for the tangle work, he says he does most Sten-tangle work with an 01 Micron by Sakura. Every person has their individual favorites, filling in larger black areas can be done with the 05 Micron and my preference for tracing the stencil when the details are really tiny is to use an 005 Micron to reach into those tight angles of the metal stencil. But a word of caution.... the metal stencils can wreak havoc on your pen nibs, so be sure to hold the pen straight up and down rather than angled as you do your tracing. I tend to be heavy handed so I concentrate to use a lighter touch when I trace.

I know this technique can look a bit intimidating but don't be afraid to give it a try. There are many many patterns that can be drawn in the step-by-step process of Zentangle. The patterns that Wayne used can be stepped out and made very very simple. When I asked the names of some of the patterns he did on our elephant he answered with a lengthy description of how each was done. I discovered that the bottom line was that he had basics and then he created to make the work his own for his meditative creative suggestion is that you enjoy that process and do the same.

Be sure to create your own Fauna and/or Flora creation and link up below. This month is the debut of our new design team so please take the time to visit the list below and see what they have created for our enjoyment...and leave a comment or two for the love of their art. At the end of the month stores will be carrying three new Dreamweaver stencil designs ...all be sure to stay tuned for more information on these creatures...the team will be designing with them soon. Meanwhile, let's see what flora and fauna the "A" team have been playing with this week...


Louise said...

Great card. The background is very cool and the patterns on the elephant are inspiring. Thanks Wayne!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Wow...this looks amazing. I'm definitely going to have to try this eye-catching and captivating technique. Love the watercolor background and the interest this adds to this amazing project.

Pam Hornschu said...

I have to play with Wayne's salted cool.

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