Thursday, October 24, 2013

October's Mystical and Magical Challenge Week #4

Our challenge this month has been anything mystical and magical and of course Alison Heikkila who is the queen of cardmaking magic is our mystical guest this month. I have to admit I have been in awe of her work...she seems to always pull something wonderful out of her bag of creativity every single week and if you've been noticing she has been posting every single day this month. (It's her favorite time of year). Thanks so much for your time Alison...and also a special thank you to everyone who has been joining our challenge this month. If you are needing to know how to join the HERE. If you don't have a blog but would like to join the challenge just email me a picture of your work and I will post it for you here on my site. Our random winner will get to choose their favorite stencil.

The Great Pumpkin LL3036
Now for the mystical work of Autumn's magic. The name of this pumpkin stencil is "The Great Pumpkin"(LL3036) and has been so much fun to work with this Fall. Reminds me of all those years of watching Charlie Brown Fall specials on the tellie and his monologue regarding "THE" pumpkin. Yes, once again...not very scary, but we all have our niches and I would rather plod along with Charlie than Poe. Bwwaahaahaa... yes, some of us aren't naturally creepy. But I promise to keep working on it.

As per usual, Wayne helped with the zentangle design you see inside the pumpkin. First he traced the stencil with a micron pen and then did a pattern called "betweed" in the open spaces. He then hands it over to me for the stenciling aspect. I used pigment ink and often do for stenciling, but dye inks work really well too. The brown and orange striped May Arts Ribbon was paste-embossed using the thanks stencil (LS1006) with the regular matte white embossing paste (DEP) and once the paste is dry the cleaned stencil was repositioned and pigment ink was stenciled onto the image. The pumpkins in the background (LL514) were stenciled with pigment ink and then they were defined just a bit with an 01 micron black ink pen (30181) by Sakura. I had a lot of fun doing the's hoping you have a wonderful week doing the same. Don't forget to follow the links below for our guest Alison and the rest of the team to see what magic they have been creating.


Pam Hornschu said...

That Wayne is Zenmazing! Love your story, Lynell.

Louise said...

Great cooperative creation! Wayne's Zentangle work always amazes me and you have such wonderful stenciling skills, what a combo! Love the paste on the ribbon too.

Lyn B said...

Gorgeous Zentangle design on the pumpkin! Beautiful colors too.

Alison said...

This is really wonderful. I love the zentangle pumpkin. Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me.

rose s. said...

luv luv luv the zentangle on the pumpkin!!! it just enhances the colouring so much. great card :)

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