Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday's Dream Schemes: Summertime, Sparklers and S'mores/Challenge

It was hotter than hot yesterday and I was out watering the garden when a beautiful dragonfly hovered near the swimming pool. They are so amazing and several that I've seen lately are just gigantic. But they always inspire me to create, so here it is...Faux Ceramic Tile. Don't forget to join us this month for all things summertime, also follow the design team list below to meet Wendy Price our guest designer this month and also see what the team has been creating. We are off at CHA as you read this... so you may be seeing new stencil designs on the blog this week.

This has been one of my favorite techniques for some time now and is actually quite simple as well. Just follow these steps:

1. Dry emboss a piece of 80# card stock through the embossing machine using the diamond grid stencil (LJ882).

2. Reposition the tile stencil onto the embossed area of the card with removable tape. Next, position the decorative corner flourish (LJ919) on top of the tile stencil....also using removable tape.

3. Stencil this decorative stencil with small stencil brushes and permanent blue ink and repeat the process with the dragonfly stencil (LM193), too. Once you have finished stenciling, if the ink is not quite dry, remove the grid stencil and heat the stenciled images with a heat gun for a couple of minutes to set the ink.

4. Clean off the grid stencil so it doesn't have any ink on it. This is important in the next step so that your background doesn't get color smeared on it. 

5. Reposition the grid stencil onto the embossed tile and use the jumbo dauber to systematically apply clear Watermark ink all over the stenciled tile.

6. Remove the tile stencil immediately and sprinkle the surface with  clear embossing powder. Shake off the excess and, if you have any powder sprinkles around the edges, brush them off with a soft stencil brush. If you have any powder in the grout lines remove it with the  small end of an embossing tool.

7. Heat the powder until it melts using a heat gun. I like to start by heating under the paper and then as it warms move to the top of the paper. This helps keep the powder from blowing off. 

There are many different thicknesses of clear embossing powder that can be used. However, I have discovered that beginners do best with regular clear powder and, as their skill level increases they often choose a thicker powder.

I wonder what the Dream Team is up to this week with their summer challenge...let's go see!


Lea said...

Before I even read about your card I thought it reminded me of a swimming pool! It's been so hot lately and it makes me wish I had a swimming pool to cool off in! Very pretty!

Louise said...

They look like they are flying around a whirlpool! So pretty in this technique too! Hope you had a wonderful time at CHA.

Terrece said...

Gorgeous!! I love this technique. Your lined are so clean.....guess I need to practice more.

ike said...

Gorgeous creation - I get them at my pool too :-) I love the tiled effect and thank you for the TuT.

IKE xxxxxxxxx

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