Thursday, June 6, 2013

Inspired by Pinterest:Plus Random Winner for the May Challenge

My Pinterest inspiration for this week's creation.
For the entire month of June we are challenging our readers and creative followers to find something on Pinterest to be inspired by...then link up your inspired creation to the linky tool below along with the link or photo of the inspiration.

I was inspired by this photo I found on Pinterest. And my creation below is done with the Poppy stencil (LL521). We have had a very dry winter, so the poppies did not bloom in full regalia like they usually do. And I've really been enjoying all the beautiful photos of poppies that I've found on the Pinterest site.

Also in the future...starting today, we are posting the previous month's challenge winner on the first Thursday of the month along with the notice of our new challenge. Our random challenge winner from last month... was Jill D. Click HERE to view her creation... it was wonderful to have her play along with May's Challenge of "Tiny Treats"(...thank you Jill). So, Jill, please be sure to email me with the stencil you would like to have. Yep...any Dreamweaver stencil you so desire. Just write to me at and we will send that to you post haste.

This month's guest artist is Jennifer Dove. She is listed below on the Design Team list, so be sure to take time to visit their blogs and hers to see how they have been inspired by Pinterest. Jennifer is from Arizona and teaches extensively with Copic markers. I feel fortunate that she is also a fan of Dreamweaver Stencils and has created some wonderful cards using our stencils and materials. Thanks Jennifer for joining us this month.

Now just a few details about my poppy creation. We have a new instructional flyer called: Embossed Strié. I know I have shown you in the past this technique...but as they say "expression makes impression" and the more I teach this and write about it...the more ideas and creations are evolving. To begin, you need to emboss the stencil image. That can either be by hand using a light table and a stylus or it can be using the "Big Shot" or "Cuttlebug" etc. The main thing to remember while embossing by machine is the stacking method. If you follow these steps you will not ruin your stencil OR your machine.

1. Place the thickest white plate in the machine first if you own a Cuttlebug this is referred to as the A plate. If you own a Big Shot this is referred to as the thick white not use the TAB 1 or 2. Instead let those tabs follow through opened up. 

2. Place the poppy stencil (LL521) face down on this thick white plate or platform. This means the copyright and stencil code is hidden from view. 

3. Next place the cardstock to be embossed on top of the stencil then spray this paper with rubbing alcohol. This spritz of alcohol helps the paper fibers break and move into the stencil for a sharper embossed image without making the paper soggy like water would. And has the added advantage of not leaving water spots on the cardstock.

4. Now place the thick Stamping Details rubber mat on the paper. This mat is thicker than most but definitely worth having. Otherwise you need to use two or three plastic shims with your thinner rubber mat. But the rubber mat should be closest to the paper.

5. This is followed by two acrylic plates. For the Cuttlebug...these are identified as "B" plates.

Crank this stack of plates through the machine. DO NOT FORCE the machine. If it is too tight you could hurt the machine. Find the right formula for your machine by reading step #4 over again if necessary.

To achieve the striped look called Strié that you see at the edges of the poppy card begin by placing the embossed card onto a piece of scrap paper. Then load a 3/4 inch stencil brush (NHB3/4") with pigment ink and begin in the upper left hand corner and make sure the flat bristles of the loaded stencil brush are resting  on the piece of scrap paper. The majority of the color will be off loaded at the edge of the card stock. As you pull the brush in a straight line toward you, lessen the pressure you are applying and sweep the bristles of the brush upward coming off the card right in the center of the paper. If you don't make this sweeping upward motion, the pigment will stop abruptly and make a smudging coloration right in the middle of the paper. As much as possible, keep the bristles straight and then repeat this same action moving approximately a brush width at a time, all the way across to the right side of the card. The streaks of pigment hitting the edges of the dry embossed design will accent the upper half of the image. Now you have half of the card done. Turn the card a full 180 degrees and repeat this same action again, moving right to left. The card is now finished, however, if you want a more "linen' look  to your card, you can turn the card 90 degrees and repeat the same "strié" technique again. To finish this linen look, turn the card 180 degrees again and finish the last side. Now, all four sides are done and you will have twice as much color on the card.

On the poppy card the strié background was subtle and so I added more color by placing the stencil on top of the embossed image and stenciled the poppies with orange, red and black pigment inks using small 1/4 and 1/8 inch stencil brushes (BHB and GHB). I do love to stencil and hope you'll take time to try this technique. And we're hoping you'll join us for this month's challenge.


Lyn B said...

Love the look of Strie! So soft subtle.

Louise said...

So beautiful Lynell! I love poppies too and love working with this stencil. The strie technique along the edges really make them pop!

Caroline D. said...

Your poppies and card are beautiful!! We don't have an abundance of poppies here in NC but the ones I see are more red, so the photo of the orange ones is fantastic! I love the look of the strie also... gives it a nice vintage look I think. Thank you for the details on the how-to! Congrats also to Jill D for the May Challenge win!

Pam Hornschu said...

Great inspiration and gorgeous result!

Jan Castle said...

Gorgeous card!!! Soft but elegant! TFS

JD/ Jill said...

Your card is beautiful. Lovely photo for your inspiration...
Great challenge for June. This post made my day. I'm excited to have won May's challenge!

Alison said...

What a fun challenge! I am on Pinterest all of the time, so this will be a great one for me. Loved your inspiration photo, and of course, your card.

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