Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday's Dream Schemes/Clouds, Mists and Showers Challenge

Hey everyone! It's another Thursday to celebrate our monthly challenge of Clouds, Mists and Showers. And this Thursday I am sharing two of our new stencil designs. Mother's Day and Father's Day will be here before you know it and I think these two foxy foxes could be designed into cards for those holidays. I am kind of jumping the gun though because our retailers might not have these on their shelves quite yet, so give them another week before you insist you have to have them. lol!

You could win one of these new designs by joining our monthly challenge and becoming one of our random winners. So join us and throw your hat into the ring...or name into the hat. If you have a creation click HERE and link up for the challenge. If you don't have a blog just email me one of your creations at Many of you have done this and I love seeing what you are creating.

Today I again used the Memories Mists to stencil a spray collage. This line of sprays is one of my favorites because if you are spraying onto non-glossy card stock it dries to the touch almost immediately. But the spray beads up on the stencil and stays wet for awhile so I can have a wet medium to stencil detail onto the edges of the design. If you want small droplets of spray for your work hold the bottle 18-24 inches above the card and spritz by pushing the atomizer down firmly. If you want large droplets, hold the bottle closer to the card stock and gently push the atomizer half way down. 

First I sprayed the entire card with Mango Lemonade (MM01) to achieve a light yellow background. Next I placed the smaller Fox stencil (LM2016) into the lower right corner and sprayed with Iced Coffee (MM24) and then just a small amount of Amaretto (MM06). I used a small Dreamweaver Stencils Gold Handled stencil brush (GHB) and with the wet stencil still in place I stenciled by pulling the wet ink off the edges of the stencil and moved it onto the tips of his tail, ears, chests and feet. Then I removed the stencil and layered the Large Fox stencil (LL3030) onto the smaller stenciled fox and repeated the process with the same two spray colors.  I took a slightly larger brush (NHB 3/8") and stenciled off the edges of each of the stencils with a black pigment ink to frame the foxes. Even though the spray ink is dry to the touch immediately the moisture has absorbed into the card stock, so I let it dry just a bit before paste-embossing the YOU & ME stencil (LS1004) using the Dreamweaver Matte Black Embossing Paste (DMKP). The matte black usually dries more quickly than the glossy pastes, but considering the wet paper I place the stencil onto a warming pan or electric pancake griddle to dry it more quickly. A low setting is all that is needed to hasten the drying time. Once dry I mounted it onto black card stock and they are ready to be sent.

I hope you'll have time to visit our design team's creations this week, just follow the list at the bottom of my blog. We have a special guest designer Alison Heikkila joining us each week in April. She always amazes me with how she thinks outside the box. Thanks so much, Alison, for consenting to play along with us this month! 


Cherylynn said...

Love the new fox stencils! And the dimension you achieved from just misting is incredible.

Alison said...

What adorable new stencils! I love that you layered so many different colors of mists. I love working with those sprays. Thank you again for having me as a Guest. It has been wonderful. I hope to do it again someday! :)

Louise said...

These turned out great! I'll remember the tip about using a brush to bring color to the edges, good idea. The new fox stencils are wonderful!

rose s. said...

the foxes are so cute!! great misting tips.

Lyn B said...

This technique is just so intriguing! Glad I made a spray box (as seen on your video!) so I can play around and not worry about overspraying unwanted areas! Loved the tip about adding color with extra spray.

Caroline D. said...

Beautiful card and it's awesome how you combined the 2 stencils for 1 image!! Great tip and idea to pull some spray off the metal stencils to use for shading. You really got some nice depth that way!

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