Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday's Dream Schemes: Getting INKY with Dreamweaver!

This week I have dedicated my creation to my friend Priscilla Teska in Kailua Hawaii. She called to let me know that she is closing her storefront, A Place in Time. She and Bill have been selling my stencils for several years and they have their own line of Hawaiian themed stencils as well. They will continue to do that business out of their home, and maybe even teach some workshops now and then. But I know many will miss their storefront and the ability to drop in and give Bill a bad time (or have Bill give them a bad time...LOL) and then have fun doing something creative with Priscilla.

Mahalo to Bill and Priscilla and Art and all of your wonderful customers for many years of Aloha! 

This thank you card was very simply stenciled with pigment ink and the Bird of Paradise quilt stencil. In keeping with our September challenge "Getting Inky with Dreamweaver" here are some of the details on stenciling with INK:

1.  One of my favorite ink pads to use is the Circus Splendor pigment inkpad (KS10) by Tsukineko! As you can see, the inkpad has 12 different colors.... and these happen to be extremely strong, bright colors. Tsukineko does carry other Splendor inkpads that have softer tones, tints and shades. Why do I like these pigment inks over others that are available? Well, as you can see there are 12 beautiful colors to stencil with and they are all under one lid making my choices varied as I am working. There are many many pigment inks available and I know many of you reading this are stampers, so you can certainly use any of your inks that you have in your stash, but just wanted you to know about my favorite one.

2.  When I work with a stencil design that has such large openings, I choose a stencil brush that is large. This affords me the opportunity to stencil quickly and also the application is then much more even and smooth looking. In the case of using this Bird of Paradise quilt stencil (LX7006) I used a 3/4"Natural Handled brush (NHB3/4")

3.  Also like last week I used the Picasso stencil shield (LL332) to keep ink from creeping into areas where I don't want that color to be. Watch my dvds for more information on this. Embossing Paste Techniques (DVD-2) and Tips and Tools (DVD-3). Having the right tools can really make the difference in your creations being just a bit more polished looking.

4.  The thank you sentiment, Mahalo (LM133) , was stenciled with a pale blue color and then the stencil  was slightly shifted upward to the left and next it was paste-embossed with Matte Black Embossing Paste (DMBP). The gives the impression of a shadow under the word.

Happy stenciling this week...don't forget to get down and "get inky with Dreameaver". Remember I won't be back until the 20th, but stop by each Thursday and support my team while I am gone, then add your challenge creations to mr. linky below. If you don't have a blog or a way of showing and linking your creations email me a picture of what you have done and when I get back I will post it on my blog. my email:

This month we will again choose two winners. One for best interpretation of the challenge and one for best usage of Dreamweaver Stencil products. And the prize will be any Dreamweaver Stencil of your choosing. Now please take the time to see what the rest of the team has been up to:


Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

this is so pretty. love the soft colors!

Wendy said...

What a beautiful card Priscilla!!! I am so sorry to hear of your store closing and I hope that you can continue to inspire the love of stencils in your students and customers.

Cherylynn said...

Ohhhh so pretty! Lynell you totally rocked it with your coloring!

Louise said...

This is so beautiful Lynell, I know she loved it! The colors are fabulous and I love the shadow on the Mahalo. Mahalo!

Pam Hornschu said...

I want to go to Hawaii! This is so islandy.

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