Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summertime Fun! July's Monthly Challenge

If you want to know more about our monthly challenge scroll down to last week's post to find out more. You could win a stencil by joining the fun and posting one of your creations here on the Dreamweaver blog.

This month I have been soooo busy with business commitments that I am leaning on my design team for help with my weekly postings.  Last week the design team leader, Pam Hornschu, sent a creation. This week's beautiful ocean card which was done with the metallic leafing technique was created by my former sales rep. to New England, Theresa Winters. (Some of my sales reps are honorary design team members.) She is presently living close to the ocean in Florida and I think that maybe it feels like summertime there all year long. When I saw this card I thought of a beautiful swimming pool with mosaic tiles in the bottom and that is definitely an image I have of summer. Theresa is still keeping her fingers in the stenciling inks in spite of being in that summery climate. She stenciled this mosaic background design (LJ901) with soft colored inks onto a very smooth vellum. Then the carp stencil (LG701) was paste-embossed with copper metallic embossing paste (DCP). Once dry...the cleaned stencil was repositioned onto the fish and the Palette Stamp & Stick Glue (GSP) was daubed onto the image. The next step is important...remove the stencil and heat the glued image for about 30 sec. with a heat gun, keeping the gun moving so the paste does not bubble or burn. Then to make sure the image is "tacky" lay two fingers flat against the glued surface and lift. The whole paper should attach to your fingers as you try to lift it from the glued design. If the glue feels slick or gummy, you need to dry it more, then test it again.

Gently place the variegated green "leaf" (VGL) onto the now tacky embossed design. Tap the leaf firmly into place with a large stencil brush. Next, rub the brush bristles in a circular rouging motion, keeping the bristles flat against the "leafed" surface. This burnishing technique will remove all the excess gold leafing from the edges of the embossed image. Thanks for sending me this beautiful card Theresa!

I will be traveling for a few more days, but if any of  you would like me to post one of your creations that say "summertime fun  just email me at and I will take care of it after the 23rd of July when I return. Or you can post one of your creations here on mr. linky to join our July challenge. To find out more about our challenge this month scroll down to last week's post to discover what you could win and how to do it.

Don't forget to follow the sidebar on the right and visit the design team's posting of this month's challenge...always inspiring for me.


Anonymous said...

Love it! I love the carps on the swirls, what an excellent combination!

Liz Martin said...

This is so real I want to reach into the screen and touch the water!

Pam Hornschu said...

Beautiful feel of water and movement!

Louise said...

Definitely has that summertime feel and the two layers of stencils really has a nice dimensional feel. Beautiful!

JD/ Jill said...

Oh Wow, what an awesome card! And you are so right it definitely looks like mosaic tiles in the bottom of a swimming pool. Beautifully done.

My card that I added to Mr Linky is for two challenges. Both challenges had the summer theme so I combined them. I hope to do another stencil card, but it's been such a busy summer that, so far, this is all I managed to get done. Paper piecing with stencils is still my favorite technigue with using stencils...(but that could be, because I'm still a newbie with stencils, and haven't tried too many of all the other neat things there are to do with stencils.

BlueCrayons said...

super card. thanks for the challenge

Stuart Hender said...

Thats a fantastic job of stencils, i really love this type of work.

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