Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday's Dream Schemes/ Last Thursday in March

Our theme challenge this month has been CAS (clean and simple). And this weekend we will reveal a winner for our two stencils. It has been so great to see what everyone has created and will really be difficult to choose winners. There will be one winner for best interpretation of CAS and one winner for best use of Dreamweaver products. So be sure to check back on the first of April for our fooling on this one though!

I am posting a card today created by Elaine Benedict. She has been a guest designer on my blog ever since I started. Over the years this "StriĆ©" technique has been my "go to" technique for CAS. Elaine began by running the butterfly stencil (LJ916) through her embossing machine. Here is my formula for embossing  stencils in a die cutting machine sure to stack the stencil "sandwich" in this order:

1. The thick white plate, some machines call it the "A" platen.
2. Place the stencil face down on this white plate
3. Spray the back of the cardstock to be embossed with rubbing alcohol*
4. Place the front of the paper against the stencil
5. Next position the thicker Stamping Details mat on top of the paper.
6. Now add the two thinner acrylic plates on top of the sure these plates are not warped as this can bend or distort your stencil.
7. Run this stacking formula through the machine.It is important not to force them through the machine. 

To begin the color process Elaine combined a purple and blue pigment ink in her large 3/4" stencil brush. To achieve a really subtle application of color for the background choose stencil brushes that are firm, but have very soft tips on the bristle. (Some of the stencil brushes that are available are very hard...these are great for working on hard surfaces or fabric but tend to scrape the surface of paper.) Next she placed the flower stencil (LG625) in the upper right hand corner of the paper and stenciled with a light pressure. This light pressure done over and over builds color for a soft shaded look. Then for the color on the butterfly she loaded her brush and repeatedly pulled color across the already embossed butterfly. You don't need to have the stencil in place for this, just pull color across the raised surface in every direction for an even loading of color.

*I had an email from someone recently concerning the use of rubbing alcohol being sprayed onto the paper in the machine embossing process that I described above. I never take the use of chemicals in creative endeavors lightly. Remember to always spray away from you and downward ...and avoid breathing this into your air passages.  If you read the labels on most of the hair products and perfumes that we use daily alcohol is one of the first ingredients in these items and my recommendation for their usage is the same as I just mentioned... I am always careful when I use them. Isopropyl alcohol is one of the least hazardous alcohols to be used. Some  of the paints and thinners that artist's use have ethanol in them and this type of alcohol is a bit more hazardous. As an artist I am careful using these in a well ventilated work environment and hope you are too. 

So take time to follow the list below of the Dreamweaver Design team and see what they have created. You still have time to post a creation in our March challenge, just link up with mr. linky below (before April 1st) and it will give you the opportunity to win the two stencils this month. If you want to see which stencils you could win just click  HERE.


Jessie Hurley said...

Talk about taking my breath away!! I just popped in to grab the link and I forgot what I was supposed to be doing here! Absolutely beautiful!!

Louise said...

Absolutely beautiful! Great card Elaine you are so talented.

Wendy said...

Beautiful Elaine!! I have recently been told about this technique and used it in a Dreamweaver Simple Technique class. This is beautiful!!

sommrstamping said...

Elaine always inspires me wit the cards she makes. More then once I have used her techniques in a class. I love to tell m classes about her especially now that I have met her in person. Thanks Elaine for all your inspiration.

Pam Hornschu said...

This is such a gorgeously-subtle technique on this. So beautiful with the butterfly.

Kristi Parker Van Doren said...

This is AMAZING. Great Card! wow

Laura Drahozal said...

This is really beautiful. I love the how the flower is flush to the card, but the butterfly is raised. So gorgeous, simple and elegant. Great job, Elaine!

Cherylynn said...

I want to take a class from Elaine. She is so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Hey Angela, Just found your submission! Thank you for playing along...we are sending everyone who played a flower stencil of our choosing in hopes that you will play along this month with our flower challenge. Just email me your snail mail addy and I will get it off to you! Go to April 1 to find my link...I will try here too:

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